Young Quotes in The Professional: Golgo 13 (1983)


Young Quotes:

  • [Pentagon and CIA agents have failed to kill Golgo 13]

    Young: [to Jefferson] For Christ's sake, you had him!

    F. Garvin: We had him cornered, he was wounded, and yet he was neither captured nor sanctioned.

    Jefferson: Wait a minute! Are you trying to say this is all my fault?

    F. Garvin: General, your people assured us that you would put your best men on this case.

    Jefferson: Don't try to blame them! Bragan is the best man for the job, and was explicitly instructed to use whatever methods were deemed necessary!

    Young: Does that include murdering my men? I suppose you think three of my special agents aren't important enough to allow them to get out alive! Your goddamn "necessary actions" got in the way just as my men were about to complete their mission!

    Jefferson: What happened to your men was unfortunate, but getting Golgo 13 is justification for any means!

    Young: Don't give me any of that lousy Machiavellian bullshit! Your guys failed, and that's that!

    F. Garvin: Alright, alright, that's enough! We're all here for the same reason, and that's to get Golgo 13!

    [pretends to slit throat]

    F. Garvin: We can settle up all our differences after we get him.

    [referring to Laura Dawson]

    F. Garvin: And, don't forget, there's a lady present.

  • Bob: [showing a photo of Golgo 13's watchmaking informant] This is the stinking informer who helped Golgo 13, but we, er... took care of him.

    Jefferson: Excellent work, Bragan.

    Bob: [chuckling] And by the by, sir, we found one.

    Jefferson: Hm? What's that?

    Bob: A real bloodhound, sir! If this bastard can't get rid of Golgo 13 - then nobody can! The three morons from the company can't come close to him.

    Young: Oh, yeah?

    Bob: Maybe we should test our respective boys. I mean, what's fair is fair.

    Jefferson: [to Laura] I think it'd be wise to come see him.

  • Young: We all have our prejudices. Mine is this Little England mentality. The British idea of civilising a country is to make everything a bad replica of Surrey...

  • Young: I don't dislike your father - I just think he's wrong in some of his attitudes.

    Jane: Oh?

    Young: Like a good many of them who've been here a few years. They're well-intentioned, they've managed to keep stability in the country so far, but basically they think the Indians are a bunch of no-goods.

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