Marie Currie Quotes in The Runaways (2010)


Marie Currie Quotes:

  • Marie Currie: You took Mom's black heels?

    Cherie Currie: Like, she's ever worn anything twice? Anyway, you should be more worried about her finding out about how old your skanky boyfriend is.

    Marie Currie: I'm sorry. Does your boyfriend have a car? I'm sorry, do you even have a boyfriend?

  • Marie Currie: Mom's gonna kill you. It really looks terrible.

    Cherie Currie: Good.

  • Marie Currie: You know how many new bands think they're gonna make it?

    Cherie Currie: Kim thinks we got a real shot.

    Marie Currie: Kim Fowley? That guy's a total creep. Seriously, I heard he has a coat made out of dog fur.

    Cherie Currie: Well, excuse me if I don't wanna work at the Pup 'n' Fry for the rest of my life.

  • Cherie's Mom: Places everybody! Places! Come quickly, I have the most wonderful news!

    Marie Currie: What's all the commotion about?

    Cherie's Mom: Well, we're moving to Indonesia!

    Marie Currie: What? What do you mean?

    Cherie Currie: What do you mean, "we"?

    Marie Currie: You're leaving? You're leaving us?

    Cherie's Mom: No. No. Nobody's leaving anybody! We're a family. We'll always be a family. This is just something that we have to do right now.

    Cherie Currie: Why?

    Cherie's Mom: Wolfgang and I are getting married and, and he lives in Indonesia. You girls are welcome to come along. I've spoken to your father and he says you're more than welcome to stay with him at Aunt Evie's.

    Cherie Currie: Well, where exactly are we gonna sleep at Aunt Evie's?

    Cherie's Mom: He bought you a brand new sleeper sofa. Top of the line! It's really not that bad.

    Cherie Currie: Why can't we at least just stay here?

    Cherie's Mom: Because you're 15 years old. Just calm down. This is a transition, not a tragedy. We're all gonna be fine!

    Cherie Currie: Stop saying "we". There's obviously no "we" there's a "you". There hasn't been a "we" since you kicked Dad out for leaving water rings on the furniture!

    Cherie's Mom: Don't be so dramatic, Cherie.

    Cherie Currie: Oh, coming from the actress. Places, places everyone!

  • Cherie Currie: I love you.

    Marie Currie: I love you, too. Don't forget about the little people.

    Cherie Currie: You're taller.

  • Marie Currie: Hello? Cherie, can you hear me?

    Cherie Currie: What?

    Marie Currie: It's me! Marie. Dad's sick. You gotta come home.

    Cherie Currie: Who?

    Marie Currie: Dad. He's sick. You gotta come home, okay? Turn the music down.

    Cherie Currie: Who? I don't have a home. Do you have a home?

  • Marie Currie: Well, if it isn't Mary, mother of God. What, no disciples? No cameras?

    Cherie Currie: Just me.

  • Cherie Currie: [intoxicated on the phone] Hola mana! I'm... gonna need you to come pick me up.

    Marie Currie: I can't, I'm at work. I have to go.

    [hangs up]

    Cherie Currie: Places everyone! Places! Places! Places...

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