Joan Jett Quotes in The Runaways (2010)


Joan Jett Quotes:

  • Joan Jett: Hey, what kinda amps do you guys got?

    Guitar Teacher: Um, I think for now we'll remain... unplugged.

    Joan Jett: No man, I wanna play, like Chuck Berry. "Johnny B. Goode", you know?

    Guitar Teacher: We'll get there. We'll get to Johnny. But for now... 'On top of Old Smoky. All covered with snow. I lost my true sweetheart. From a-courtin' too slow... '

    Joan Jett: "Old Smoky"? That's goofy, man. How 'bout "Smoke on the Water"? Come on, I know you know that one.

    Guitar Teacher: Finger the E chord, like so. 'On top of Old Smoky... '

    Joan Jett: 'All covered in blow... I dumped my poor sweetheart... for screwin' too slow.'

  • Cherie Currie: What is this?

    Sandy West: It ain't baby shampoo. I call it the dirty sink. A little bit of everything from my parent's liquor cabinet. Just a little, so they can't tell I'm dipping into their stash.

    Cherie Currie: My dad would notice - he likes his booze.

    Sandy West: Is he an alcoholic?

    Cherie Currie: No, he just likes it. He says that's the difference. He likes to drink, he doesn't need to drink.

    Sandy West: I like to drink.

    Joan Jett: The dirty sink is where we're gonna be puking that shit up tomorrow.

    Sandy West: Hey, Salt 'n' Pepper - race you down the hill.

    Joan Jett: You're fucking on.

  • Joan Jett: Hey, fuckin' heckler's drill really worked. This girl threw a bottle at my face... smashed it right back at her!

    Kim Fowley: You girls did the death dance in there. Showed those little punks how to cock fight.

  • Joan Jett: [to Cherie] Open up, ya filthy varmint. This is compliments of your non-alcoholic father.

  • Sandy West: It's still not working. Dicks aren't even hard.

    Joan Jett: Are you rubbing?

    Sandy West: Yeah. I think I'm doing it wrong.

    Joan Jett: Try using the shower head. Now, think about someone you really have a crush on.

    Sandy West: Still not working.

    Joan Jett: How about Farrah Fawcett? Do you like her?

    Sandy West: Yeah, who doesn't? Oh. Wait, I think I feel something!


    Sandy West: Oh shit! Oh God!

  • Joan Jett: Hey, what the fuck? Plug me back in!

    Band Member: Watch your mouth, kid, or we'll have to turn you over to child services.

    Joan Jett: Fuck you, old man!

    Sandy West: [band member throws a cigarette at Joan] Hey, what's your fucking problem, man?

    Joan Jett: Hey man, I wouldn't. It's a lose-lose situation.

    Band Member: How's that?

    Joan Jett: Well, if you win, you beat up a girl. If you lose, you get beat up by two.

    Sandy West: Teenage ones.

    Band Member: All right, sound check is canceled. Maybe if you ever headline, you'll get one. Now why don't you go to your rooms, and do your fucking homework or something?

    Joan Jett: Like, we need a sound check.

    Sandy West: Pretty soon, you'll be opening for us!

    Band Member: Opening your legs, maybe.

  • Joan Jett: Hey kid, wake up, we got some bad news.

    Cherie Currie: [tired] What?

    Joan Jett: Fuckin' Kim, man. He snaked us.

    Cherie Currie: What?

    Joan Jett: Remember how he was all, you gotta pay your dues, that's how we're gonna get a record deal, blah-fucking-blah? Well, he was right. We fucking did it!

    Cherie Currie: What?

    Joan Jett: That Frankenstein-looking, crazy motherfucker did it! Mercury fucking Records! Mercury fucking Records!

    Cherie Currie: We got signed?

    Joan Jett: Yep! We're going to Hollywood in like an hour, we're gonna tell the rest of the girls. Get your little ass ready!

  • Joan Jett: What the hell are you wearing?

    Cherie Currie: I'm thinking with my cock.

    Joan Jett: More like, a boner, man.

    Cherie Currie: I think I'm gonna wear it.

    Joan Jett: Where? To the strip club?

  • Cherie Currie: What the fuck is this?

    Sandy West: That was pretty nasty, Kim.

    Kim Fowley: That - is what we call controversy. That - is what we call publicity. That - is what we call a juicy story. And you're welcome. Because of me, that piece is twice as long and half of it is about you! This is press, my budding young starlet - not prestige. Get used to it. Now get in the booth and finish the song. I got this place on lock-out and I'm paying through the fucking nose. So let's go, let's go. Sing. Sing!

    Cherie Currie: No.

    Kim Fowley: No?

    Joan Jett: Come on, Cherie, let's just finish and go home.

    Lita Ford: Yeah, get in the booth, Cherie.

    Joan Jett: Shut the fuck up, Lita. Shut the fuck up!

    Lita Ford: You shut up.

    Cherie Currie: I'm not singing.

    Kim Fowley: Of course you're singing. You're a singer, Cherie! That's what you do. You sing and you strut around in your underwear. You do what I tell you to do. And right now, I'm telling you to get in the booth. So get in the booth.

    Cherie Currie: No.

    Kim Fowley: Mm. Get in the booth, Cherie.

    Cherie Currie: No.

    Kim Fowley: Get in the booth.

    Cherie Currie: No.

    Kim Fowley: Get in the booth before I lose my patience and send you back where I rescued you from.

    Cherie Currie: Good! Send me back, I don't give a shit! I wanna go back!

    Kim Fowley: Careful... Get in the booth.

    Cherie Currie: No!

    Kim Fowley: Get in the booth!

    Cherie Currie: No! I'm not gonna be your little lap dog anymore! You've been speaking for me this whole time! You get in the fucking booth! I'm done!

  • Lita Ford: What's the matter? No flash bulbs? No one to fall over, while you sing?

    Joan Jett: That's enough! Cherie, come on, we need to finish. Just bring the bottle. Cherie!

    Lita Ford: Cherie? Hey, Cherie! I gotta take a piss. Would that be okay with you? 'Cause if not, I could just hold it in!

    Cherie Currie: You can piss your fucking pants for all I care!

    Lita Ford: I am gonna piss down your fucking throat!

    Joan Jett: Lita! Calm down! That's enough! Calm down!

    Lita Ford: Why? Why are you always defending her, Joan?

  • Kim Fowley: Cherie Currie! Welcome. You look great. What song are you going to sing for us today?

    Cherie Currie: Um, "Fever".

    Kim Fowley: "Fever"?

    Lita Ford: A Peggy Lee song?

    Sandy West: Who's Peggy Lee?

    Joan Jett: My mom likes Peggy Lee.

    Lita Ford: Kim, you should have told her. We don't play that shit.

    Cherie Currie: Suzi Quatro covered "Fever".

    Lita Ford: It's a slow song. We don't play slow songs.

    Joan Jett: Well, can you do a different song?

    Cherie Currie: Yeah, it's just the only one I learned for today.

    Kim Fowley: [interrupts] Go! Wait outside. Go. Go!

  • Kim Fowley: Joan, come here. Bring your guitar. We have to do it for her, I guess. Cherie? Cherie.

    [listens to Joan's guitar]

    Kim Fowley: She's a wild child. She's a wild girl.

    Joan Jett: Yeah.

    Kim Fowley: She's a wild girl. She's a, oh she's a firecracker. Give me something else. Something else. Firecracker, rocket, bomb, bomb. Cherry bomb! Cherry bomb.

    [Joan changes guitar riff]

    Kim Fowley: Do it again. She's a ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb! Ahh!

    Joan Jett: [laughs] That's good!

    Kim Fowley: Yeah. Cherry bomb, right. Hello daddy.

    Joan Jett: Hello mom? I'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb! That's good!

    Kim Fowley: Right? Yeah!

  • Lita Ford: [throws magazines at Cherie] What is this?

    Cherie Currie: What's your problem?

    Lita Ford: What's your fucking problem?

    Joan Jett: Lita, that is cool.

    Lita Ford: It's not cool! Did you know about this?

    Cherie Currie: Kim sent them over. They just showed up at my house with cameras. What was I supposed to say?

    Joan Jett: Well, you could say no. You could say "I'm a singer in a band, not Linda fucking Lovelace." Look at this! When did you do this? This is exactly what Kim wants. He's gonna be really happy! But this is all they're gonna say about us! Do you think anybody's gonna take us seriously?

    Cherie Currie: Son of a bitch, it's just publicity. It helps everyone.

    Joan Jett: Well, what were you thinking? Publicize the music! Not your crotch!

  • Tammy: I wish I could play. I'd be in a band with you.

    Joan Jett: Yeah, well you can't.

    Tammy: I hear Cherie's trying the acting thing. You don't need her. You should go solo. Like Bowie. Bowie's just Bowie, he doesn't need any band.

    Joan Jett: They were my songs. I wrote them. She just sang them.

    Tammy: Yeah, but people always remember the singer.

  • Joan Jett: [singing] Acting tough with looks that kill. You got me going and I can't stand still. My arms are dying to hold ya tight. You're my little dark dynamite, you know. I love playing with fire, and I don't wanna get burned. I love playing with fire, and I don't think I'll ever learn.

  • Tammy: My brother says guys don't like girls who are tough. He says guys like girls to be soft and flirty.

    Joan Jett: He would say that, he's a pussy.

    Tammy: He does spend a lot of time doing his bangs.

  • Joan Jett: Uh, are you Kim Fowley?

    Kim Fowley: Lemme guess. You sing in a band. And it's the greatest fucking band in the world. And I'm the luckiest dogfucker because I get to hear it first.

    Joan Jett: I'm, uh... I'm Joan Jett. I play guitar. Electric guitar.

    Kim Fowley: Joan Jett, that's a cool name. You guys got a demo?

    Joan Jett: No... No guys, man. I want to start an all-girl rock band.

    Kim Fowley: Really. Well, maybe I am the luckiest dogfucker after all... Sandy! Sandy the drummer, this is Joan Jett. She claims to be some sort of guitar goddess.

    Joan Jett: Well, I didn't say that... that "goddess" thing.

    Sandy West: It's cool.

  • Kim Fowley: What in the fuck have you girls been doing over there?

    Joan Jett: We've been practicing, man! Like you said.

    Kim Fowley: Well, get back to it. You bitches are gonna be bigger than the fucking Beatles!

  • Joan Jett: No man, I like "Airplane" better. "Jefferson Starship" sounds like a fucking Disney ride or something.

    Cherie Currie: My mother's gonna kill me. She's gonna take a gun and kill me. Don't you guys have any kind of curfew?

    Joan Jett: Nah, my dad split. He was the strict one.

    Cherie Currie: Yeah? Mine left, too. Well, he didn't really leave, ah, he was kicked out and replaced.

    Joan Jett: Do you take the garbage out now?

    Cherie Currie: Yeah. Well, me and my sister.

    Joan Jett: Yeah, me too.

  • Kim Fowley: Are you becoming one with Japan?

    Joan Jett: Well, I dunno - I learned how to use chop sticks.

  • Kim Fowley: I need you to keep it together there for me, Joanie.

    Joan Jett: Yeah. Yeah, sure.

  • Joan Jett: There's an all-girl rock band in Korea now.

    Cherie Currie: Yeah?

    Joan Jett: Yeah, the singer thinks she's you. They're shit.

    Cherie Currie: Did Marie call?

  • Cherie Currie: I think I just need a break... From the band.

    Joan Jett: If you haven't noticed, Cherie, we're in the middle of cutting a record.

    Cherie Currie: I just gotta spend time with my family, you know?

    Joan Jett: Who? Your mom in Indonesia? Your drunk dad? Are we not your fucked up family now?

    Cherie Currie: I can't do this anymore. I need my life back, you know?

    Joan Jett: This is my life.

  • Joan Jett: It's too perfect!

    [breaks into dressing room]

    Sandy West: Hey! These jerk-offs had better food than we did. Well, you gotta pee right? Pee in this shit.

    [holds out a cup]

    Sandy West: Hey, what are you doing man? You can't pee on their guitars!

    Joan Jett: I don't give a fuck. No, I do actually. It will probably add to their sound.

  • Joan Jett: You fucking, filthy dogs.

  • Kim Fowley: [to Sandy and Joan while rehearsing] Halt! I know what we're missing. I know what we need.

    [He shows them a picture of Brigitte Bardot on a motorcycle]

    Kim Fowley: Huh?

    Joan Jett: Yeah.

    Sandy West: Bitchin!

    Kim Fowley: Vroom Vroom!

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