Larry Lawrence Quotes in The Ghost Breakers (1940)


Larry Lawrence Quotes:

  • Geoff Montgomery: It's worse than horrible because a zombie has no will of his own. You see them sometimes walking around blindly with dead eyes, following orders, not knowing what they do, not caring.

    Larry Lawrence: You mean like Democrats?

  • Larry Lawrence: [to Alex] Oh, you look like a black out in a blackout. This keeps up, I'm gonna have to paint you white.

  • Larry Lawrence: Must have been a frog in my throat.

    Alex: It's better than havin' a knife in it.

  • Larry Lawrence: This is no penny ante game, Alex.

    Alex: Well, what are you gonna get out of it?

    Larry Lawrence: Heart failure.

  • Alex: Hey, boss, you ain't goin' upstairs, are ya? Where those ghosts is?

    Larry Lawrence: Listen, you stay there, and if a couple a fellas come runnin' down the stairs in a few minutes, let the first one go. That'll be me.

    Alex: If somebody passes you, that'll be me.

  • Larry Lawrence: The girls call me Pilgrim, because every time I dance with one I make a little progress.

  • Parada: Are you the one advising Miss Carter to sell the castle?

    Larry Lawrence: No, my advice is keep the castle and sell the ghosts.

    Parada: I myself have heard of only one ghost: the spirit of Don Santiago.

    Larry Lawrence: Tell me, does he appear nightly or just Sundays and Holidays?

  • Larry Lawrence: Me, I'm mentally retarded. I'm still 11 years old when it comes to the 4th of July, circuses and haunted castles.

  • Larry Lawrence: [the power goes out in the storm] Basil Rathbone must be having a party.

  • Larry Lawrence: [about Alex] He always sees the darker side of everything. He was born during an eclipse.

  • Alex: Is that a mummy?

    Larry Lawrence: Yes, it's her great-great-great grand-mummy.

  • Larry Lawrence: I'm in great shape, for the shape I'm in.

  • Raspy Kelly: He's drivin' his car, see? Another car comes along, runs him into a ditch. Marky gets all smashed up.

    Larry Lawrence: When did it happen?

    Larry Lawrence: Well, I can't tell you exactly, but it'll probably be tomorrow.

  • [last lines]

    Francisco Mederes: He wasn't playing. That was the real ghost!

    Larry Lawrence: Now we have something to worry about on our honeymoon.

    Mary Carter: Our what?

    Larry Lawrence: Our honeymoon. Didn't I tell ya?

    Mary Carter: No, but I'd like to hear about it.

    Larry Lawrence: You would?

  • Larry Lawrence: I don't mind dying, but I hate the preliminaries.

  • Larry Lawrence: How'd you like the program?

    Telephone Girl: Oh, you were wonderful, if you're any judge.

  • Larry Lawrence: You're bleached!

    Alex: No, I ain't, boss. When I get scared, my albino blood shows through.

  • [Alex jumps on the assailant in armor struggling with Larry and pulls off the assailant's helmet to see a disfigured man]

    Alex: [gasps] It's a zombie!

    Larry Lawrence: It ain't Baby Stooks!

  • Larry Lawrence: No, my name is Lawrence.

    Mary Carter: Lawrence what?

    Larry Lawrence: Lawrence.

    Mary Carter: [in mocking/sarcastic tone] Lawrence Lawrence.

    Larry Lawrence: Yeah, and my middle name is Lawrence too. My folks had no imagination.

  • Larry Lawrence: Pardon me, am I protruding?

  • Raspy Kelly: They don't mind a little publicity. They kinda like it.

    Larry Lawrence: I know. I plug them, and they'll plug me.

  • Larry Lawrence: If that's Raspy Kelly, I owe him some money.

    Alex: Well, from the tone of his infections, you better pay him.

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