Fanny Chenal Quotes in A Good Year (2006)


Fanny Chenal Quotes:

  • Fanny Chenal: [Fanny approaches a customer who is behind a raised newspaper] Bonjour. Vous avez choisi?

    Max Skinner: [lowers newspaper] I think so.

    Fanny Chenal: [recognizing him] You sure you don't need more time?

    Max Skinner: No, I know what I want.

    Fanny Chenal: You're sure?

    Max Skinner: Absolutely.

    Fanny Chenal: So, what is it to be?

    Max Skinner: How's the soup?

    Fanny Chenal: The soup is finished.

    Max Skinner: Like my job... The fish?

    Fanny Chenal: We've run out.

    Max Skinner: That's like me with excuses.

    Fanny Chenal: Don't waste my time. Choose something we have.

    Max Skinner: I would like a lifetime spent with an irrational and suspicious goddess, some short-tempered jealousy on the side, and a bottle of wine that tastes like you, a glass that's never empty.

    [they kiss]

  • Fanny Chenal: There's something you should know about me, Max. I'm very, very choosy... I'm also very, very suspicious; very, very irrational, and I have a very, very short temper. I'm also extremely jealous and slow to forgive. Just so you know.

  • Max Skinner: This place does not suit my life.

    Fanny Chenal: No Max, it's your life that does not suit this place.

  • Fanny Chenal: [to Max Skinner] I'm sorry, I'm too busy to ignore you now.

  • Fanny Chenal: And remember you're in France: The customer is always wrong!

  • Fanny Chenal: [Max has brought a bottle of the rare wine] Wow - "Le Coin Perdu"? I've never actually seen a bottle...

    Max Skinner: Have you heard of it?

    Fanny Chenal: It's expensive... Are you trying to seduce me, Max?

    Max Skinner: Oh gosh, no, of course not. Thought would never even cross my mind. Not more than six, or ten times.

  • Max Skinner: Joan of Arc?

    Fanny Chenal: Oh. Jacques Cousteau.

  • Fanny Chenal: Do you know why I spent the night with you? So that now you have done what you came here to do, you will not return. For us there can be no future. There is certainty in that.

  • Max Skinner: You tried to drown me.

    Fanny Chenal: And you tried to run me over in your little car.

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