Drew Utley Quotes in P.U.N.K.S. (1999)


Drew Utley Quotes:

  • Drew Utley: Being tired of seeing the strong pick on the weak, we the P.U.N.K.S. are hereby united for one solemn, secret purpose: to protect the underdog with nerve, knowledge, strength.

  • Drew Utley: First things first: we have to swear in new members.

    Miles Kitchen: [pulling Drew to the side, whispering] What about...

    Samantha Swoboda: [interrupting, leaning over Miles and Drew] ... the G.I.R.L.?

  • Drew Utley: [holding a container of Grey Poupon in front of a fan] Stay back, or I'll Poupon you!


    Drew Utley: Get it? Poop-on-you?

  • Samantha Swoboda: Who's the guy eatin' Styrofoam?

    Drew Utley: That would be Lanny.

    Lanny Nygren: Um, it's a rice cake. High in complex carbohydrates, uh, less than a gram of fat and uh, six grams of fiber. I just... thought you should know, you weren't even close.

    Samantha Swoboda: And, uh, where'd you get this one, the weinie factory?

    Miles Kitchen: Excuse me! I have an IQ of 160.

    Samantha Swoboda: [mockingly] Oh really? Well I've got a calculator!

  • Miles Kitchen: If we get the Augmentor, can I enter it in the science fair?

    Drew Utley: Let's get it first, Miles, okay?

    Miles Kitchen: Can't you just see the look on Spengler's face when I unveil it?

    Jonny Pasiotopolis: You are such a nerd.

  • Jonny Pasiotopolis: This is the bomb! We could sell this for a fortune!

    Drew Utley: Whoa Jonny, this is classified intelligence. I mean we should be camouflaging this.

    Samantha Swoboda: Yo wouldn't it be phat we painted it like cherry red with flames?

    Miles Kitchen: It's an Augmentor, not a Camaro.

    Samantha Swoboda: So what's your idea, wastoid?

    Drew Utley: Hey, wait, wait everybody! Knock it off you guys!

    Samantha Swoboda: What are you looking at?

    Miles Kitchen: I don't know. Thought it was a girl, but uh, I'm open to suggestions.

  • Drew Utley: [being chased by a car] Yo, Base, this is Drew! I've got a situation here! They're creeping up on me like a pair of lady's underwear. Any ideas?

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