Dr. Thomas Light Quotes in Megaman (2010)


Dr. Thomas Light Quotes:

  • Dr. Thomas Light: The news crew will be here soon.

    Dr. Wily: It's about time you let a new crew in here so that the public can know of our superior technology and overwhelming brilliance.

    Dr. Thomas Light: I don't do what I do just to gloat.

    Dr. Wily: We deserve it.

  • Dr. Thomas Light: Robots should be used for the betterment of mankind. Any other use would be...

    [looks over at Dr. Wily]

    Dr. Thomas Light: ... unethical.

  • Dr. Thomas Light: All I want is for my robots to be accepted so that they can help people. And you should be thinking the same.

    Dr. Wily: Your ideals are unrealistic. You say you want to help the world? You don't realize the power that this technology could give us.

    Dr. Thomas Light: I don't want power. And you need to rethink your goals.

  • [Wily's robots have laid siege to the city]

    Rock: I volunteer.

    Dr. Thomas Light: Volunteer for what?

    Rock: I volunteer to go and retrieve the 'bots.

    Dr. Thomas Light: I can't allow that.

    Rock: But look what's happening. Right now, I'm not...

    Dr. Thomas Light: If anything happened to you, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself.

    Rock: What other choice do we have?

    Dr. Thomas Light: You weren't created to fight.

    Roll: Rock, we don't want to lose you.

    Rock: You're not going to lose anyone. Dr. Light, you said yourself that you created me as close to human as possible. Well, real humans live their lives and choices every day and I choose to help by stopping the 'bots.

  • [Proto Man has brought a damaged Mega Man back to Dr. Light's lab]

    Dr. Thomas Light: You're not staying?

    Blues: It's a big world. I've got lots to do out there.

    Dr. Thomas Light: You know, your core, I could fix that for you if you...

    Blues: [firmly] No.

    Dr. Thomas Light: Don't you know that you could die?

    Blues: I don't care. I'd rather die than lose my free will.

    Dr. Thomas Light: You know, you've got to understand... I mean...

    Blues: I don't want to be like Rock or Roll. I don't want to be a machine to be programmed to do what they do. Thank you, but no thank you.

    Dr. Thomas Light: Just as long as you always know that the offer is here for you.

    Blues: The greatest gift you gave me was my free will and I have no intention of giving that back.

    Dr. Thomas Light: Well, I suppose your intentions are good.

    Blues: My intentions are what I make of them. I know I'm not like Rock, but I'll always have his back. He's got a lot of heart... for a machine.

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