Roll Quotes in Megaman (2010)


Roll Quotes:

  • Rock: Dr. Light that we're as close to human as he could possibly make us.

    Roll: Yes. And?

    Rock: Do you see yourself as real?

    Roll: Meaning what? Real as in human?

    [Rock nods]

    Roll: As a matter of fact, I do.

    Rock: Do you ever wish you were...

    Roll: No.

    Rock: Why not?

    Roll: I'm fine with who I am.

    Rock: And you don't ever question that?

    Roll: Why?

    Rock: Because today, when we walked around, I felt like I was one of them, but I know we're not and we never will be.

    Roll: Maybe there's something to be said for being different. You said that maybe we were the only ones who could appreciate the beauty of the city. That might be true for other things, too. We are who we are. What more could we ask for?

    Rock: I don't know. I just feel like I'm this useless machine with no real purpose. I want to do something important with my life. I want to be special.

    Roll: You *are* special. To me and to Dr. Light. Don't get obsessed over it; be happy with who you are. I am.

  • [Wily's robots have laid siege to the city]

    Rock: I volunteer.

    Dr. Thomas Light: Volunteer for what?

    Rock: I volunteer to go and retrieve the 'bots.

    Dr. Thomas Light: I can't allow that.

    Rock: But look what's happening. Right now, I'm not...

    Dr. Thomas Light: If anything happened to you, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself.

    Rock: What other choice do we have?

    Dr. Thomas Light: You weren't created to fight.

    Roll: Rock, we don't want to lose you.

    Rock: You're not going to lose anyone. Dr. Light, you said yourself that you created me as close to human as possible. Well, real humans live their lives and choices every day and I choose to help by stopping the 'bots.

  • Rock: All this fighting and conflict... it makes me feel sick.

    Roll: Then why do it?

    Rock: Because I'm the only one who can.

  • Tuck: You fired!

    Roll: You fired!

    Tuck: You fireeeeeed!

    Rosie: [in disgust] Oh, will you *shut up*?

    Tuck: Hey!

    Roll: You fired!

  • TuckRoll: Tweet, tweet! Tweet, tweet!

    Gypsy: [gasping] HUUUH!

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