Corrigan Quotes in Juggernaut (1974)


Corrigan Quotes:

  • Corrigan: Would you mind telling me why we're traveling in circles?

    3rd Officer Jim Hardy: In circles, sir?

    Corrigan: Yeah. A little while ago the waves were coming from the front of the ship, now they're coming from the side.

    3rd Officer Jim Hardy: Well, it's that kind of sea, sir. North Atlantic, you know.

    Corrigan: A half hour ago the sun was on the port side, now it's on the starboard - is it that kind of sun?

    3rd Officer Jim Hardy: They must be checking the steering gear - just routine.

    Corrigan: Uh-huh. And about that explosion this morning?

    3rd Officer Jim Hardy: Just blowing Number 2 Boiler, sir.

    Corrigan: Buddy, I am by profession a politician: the mayor of a rather large city, as a matter of fact.

    3rd Officer Jim Hardy: Yes, sir?

    Corrigan: In my line of work you have to learn how to lie with remarkable precision. You also have to know how to recognize a lie when it bites you in the ass... and I have just been bitten.

    3rd Officer Jim Hardy: I'll, uh, convey your complaint to the captain, sir.

  • Mrs. Corrigan: Will you tell me the truth, if I ask you a question?

    Corrigan: Personal, business, or just plain silly?

    Mrs. Corrigan: Personal.

    [Corrigan nods in the affirmative]

    Mrs. Corrigan: Have you ever been unfaithful to me?

    Corrigan: You know if I chose to lie I could do so with remarkable dexterity? You know that don't you?

    [she nods in assent]

    Corrigan: Since we met... yes.

    [he takes her hand]

    Corrigan: Since we have been married, no... and if we are going to die... I rejoice in the fact that we're going to die together.

  • Corrigan: [First line] Dirty, lousy Commie!

  • Corrigan: Slimy, sleazy savage!

  • Corrigan: Agent Corrigan, reporting as ordered, sir!

    Bogey: Hi ya, Sweetheart.

  • Bogey: Let's go, bright eyes.

    Corrigan: Where are we going, sir?

    Bogey: Assembly Hall. Where you're going to meet all the top Super Secret Agents of America. Dumb-dumb.

  • Corrigan: Our fourth man is a young negro. Umm, a colored guy. Afro-American?

  • Corrigan: A.M. Miller, also known as Michael.

    A. Michael Miller - The Phynx: How did you know my name?

    Corrigan: The SSA knows your whole history, Mike.

    A. Michael Miller - The Phynx: Oh yeah, On July 23, 1965, I went to the flicks in Santa Monica. Who with?

    Corrigan: Judy Heeler. Blonde. Five foot six. Noticeable scars. You saw "Bikini Beach Party." Ate 142 kernels of dried popcorn and went to the Mens Room twice. Both number ones.

  • Corrigan: Ray Chippeway.

    Ray Chippeway - The Phynx: How, whitey.

    Corrigan: We're going to make a *real* American out of you, Ray!

  • Corrigan: This is bigger than dandruff! You'll learn karate, bayonet, jungle warfare, Mac! You'll be hard, tough, meaner than a Green Beret!

    Ray Chippeway - The Phynx: Maybe win back Reservation.

  • Corrigan: You, and all of you, will learn music. Play guitar. Sing. Dance. You'll become the best known music group in the world. How does that sound?

    Dennis Larden - The Phynx: Like what's made America Great.

  • Corrigan: You start tomorrow. Six AM to midnight. Seven days a week. You get room, board and 32 dollars a month to spend foolishly.

    Dennis Larden - The Phynx: I sure hope all that bread don't turn me rotten.

  • Corrigan: Your government is in rock-n-roll for keeps. Like it or lump it!

  • Bogey: It says, Get Philbaby.

    Corrigan: What's a Phil baby?

    Boy Scout: He's the most high, groovy of all record producers.

  • A. Michael Miller - The Phynx: How about it, any more grievances?

    Dennis Larden - The Phynx: Visiting hours. It's been six weeks since we even smelled females.

    Corrigan: Absolutely not! You cannot mix sex and security. You boys can consider yourselves, for the foreseeable future, neutered.

  • Corrigan: All right, boys, let's get crackin'. I know just how to pluck this Rosebud.

  • Col. Rostinov: You be good boys and keep nose clean. National flower, radishes. Is good for health! You tell everybody Rostinov invite you for Flower Day tomorrow. Boost Rostinov image. You get good night rest at our finest hotel: Comrade Hilton. I see you tomorrow.

    Corrigan: Be-Bop-A-Lu-Bop Colonel.

  • Corrigan: Your objective: the Markevitch Castle.

    A. Michael Miller - The Phynx: Aren't you comin'?

    Corrigan: Oh, gee, fellas, I wish I could, but, you know, rules.

    Dennis Larden - The Phynx: I forget?

    Corrigan: Well, traditionally, one must survive to report what went wrong.

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