Bud McVie Quotes in Volcano (1997)


Bud McVie Quotes:

  • [after an earthquake-induced fender bender]

    Bud McVie: [seeing the cops coming] Oh, we cool now! It's the LAPD!

    Scared Driver: [hiding in the church] Hey, Officer! How about giving us a ride back to civilization, please?

    Bud McVie: Hey, you gonna come out or what! This is *our* hood!

    Terry Jasper: Hey, you want to calm down and tell me what this is about?

    Bud McVie: You wanna get outta my face!

    Terry Jasper: HEY! If I'm in your face you're gonna KNOW IT! All right, BRO!

    Bud McVie: Huh, Right!

  • Bud McVie: Yo man, my street's on fire you gotta get some trucks down there.

    L.A. Fire Chief: What Street?

    Bud McVie: What Street? You know the one with the smoke coming out of it, Stanley right over there.

    L.A. Fire Chief: We'll get to you as soon as we get this under control.

    Bud McVie: But, there won't be any houses left by then man.

    L.A. Fire Chief: Look, I'm sorry. We'll get to you as soon...

    Bud McVie: [grabbing the fire chief's arm] Yo! I'm talking about people's houses, and you're over here saving museums.

    L.A. Fire Chief: You wanna get this guy off me.

    Terry Jasper: Hey.

    Bud McVie: Oh great. Mark Fuhrman.

    Terry Jasper: Gimme your hands.

    [grabs Bud's hands and cuffs him]

    Bud McVie: Yo! Get your goddamn hands off me man.

    Policeman: What's going on?

    Terry Jasper: He was harassing a fire fighter.

    Bud McVie: Bullshit. I was asking that guy for help.

    Policeman: This is stupid. Let him go.

    Terry Jasper: I'm taking him in.

    Policeman: All right he's all yours.

    Bud McVie: Shouldn't you be saving lives?

    Terry Jasper: Don't move!

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