Brennan Quotes in Code of Silence (1985)


Brennan Quotes:

  • Brennan: Hey Sarge! You know how a Camacho's like a cue ball? Cause the harder you hit 'em, the better their English gets.

  • [Noticing some painters going into an apartment]

    Music: What the hell are those guys up to?

    Brennan: Going to work, what do you think?

    Music: At this hour?

    Brennan: Don't worry about it. Let it roll! They've got a hard ass for a boss, just like us.

  • Nora: I didn't breathe for minutes.

    Brennan: I'm glad you didn't die.

    Nora: Me too. 'Coz then this would be awkward.

  • Nora: Is your world spinning or would you like another drink?

    Brennan: My world is spinning and I would love another drink.

  • Brennan: I wouldn't lie to you either.

    Nora: Really?

    Brennan: Uh huh.

    Nora: Oh! Well, then you would be a robot. Everybody lies, everybody does *fucked* up stuff. It just comes down to the intentions behind them.

  • Brennan: *I hate knowing that if this all ends, that you'll be fine. You'll just go back home, you'll walk into the old bar, you'll wake up with one of those plaid wearing dirtbags leaning against the pool table, and he'll come up, buy you a drink, follow you back to your place, you'll take off your pants, but you're too insecure to take off your top. And I don't know what hurts me more, knowing that you'll be thinking about me, or that you won't be.*

  • Nora: How romantic is dying together?

    Brennan: It's not as romantic as living together.

  • Brennan: I never got a text, so I guess... guess you never saw me

    [in the nightmare]

    Brennan: .

    Nora: I did. Two days ago in Nashville.

  • Nora: Can you enjoy me, like I want to enjoy you? Let's just do that. Okay?

    Brennan: I guess we go, get drunk.

    Nora: We're good at that.

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