Ben Wheeler Quotes in Wagons East (1994)


Ben Wheeler Quotes:

  • Ben Wheeler: But leaving would be like giving up.

    Phil Taylor: That's exactly what it would be, Ben - giving up! So let's just give up. Let's get out of here. Let's get ourselves a wagon master and go home. Let's go east. What do you say?

    Bartender: I say you're a bunch of gutless lily-livered, yellow-belly eastern sissies. All you've done since you got here was whine and complain. Now why don't you go back and leave the west to the real men?

    Julian Rogers: Well, actually, I could have the books on the wagon really quickly. And the cappucino machine, you know, is going to travel like a dream.

  • James H. Harlow: Well?

    Big Snake That Makes Women Faint: Bad news. Big trouble.

    James H. Harlow: Let's just keep that to ourselves.

    [Crowd approaches]

    Ben Wheeler: What's news?

    Big Snake That Makes Women Faint: Cavalry's coming. They come to stop you.

  • [an outlaw gang is holding up the bank]

    Ben Wheeler: This is the third time this month. You really should give the depositers a chance to build up their accounts.

    [he hands the outlaw leader the bank's account books and his eyeshade]

    Ben Wheeler: Good luck.

    Desperado Leader: Hey! I got a job!

  • Ben Wheeler: I can't face another wounded teller with a workman's comp claim.

  • Ben Wheeler: We can't go East.

    Phil Taylor: Why not?

    Ben Wheeler: Because!

    Phil Taylor: Why?

    Zeke: Because it's against "The Code."

    Phil Taylor: It's against what code?

    Ben Wheeler: You know very well what code. The Code... of the West.

    Phil Taylor: Oh, the Code of the West. Isn't that the same code that says, ah...

    Ben Wheeler: "The only good Indian is a dead Indian."

    Phil Taylor: And "Die with your boots on." Wait, wait a minute, I got another one for you - "If someone steals your horse, you hang him." That's some code. Hey, this is quite a code! Let's just stay here! What a code.

    Julian Rogers: It's not a very enlightened ideology.

  • Ben Wheeler: Harlow was the wagonmaster for the Donner party... before he became a vegetarian.

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