Andre Allen Quotes in Top Five (2014)


Andre Allen Quotes:

  • Andre Allen: A lot of people don't like dates. It's like, "I hate dating. I hate dating."

    Andre Allen: I like dates. Dates are cool.

    Andre Allen: 'Cause a date means someone is considering fucking you.

    Andre Allen: They have to, like, ponder it. It's just...

    Andre Allen: Anybody you can eat with, you might have a chance of fucking.

    Andre Allen: So, and they're just pondering fucking you.

    Andre Allen: They're weighing it in their head. They're going...

    Andre Allen: Girls are going, "His dick, my mouth. I wonder."

    Andre Allen: And even if it doesn't happen, you just feel... I feel good.

    Andre Allen: I mean, any day somebody thinks about fucking you is a good day.

  • Andre Allen: You coming to the party right?

    Carl: Some people got to work. I'll tell you what. I'll come to your next bachelor party.

    Andre Allen: That's not funny man.

    Carl: Tell me somethin'. Your next wife, she gonna be white or she gonna be asian?

    Andre Allen: It's still not funny man.

    Carl: Oh, it's only funny when you say mean shit. Right?

  • Andre Allen: I am telling you, everything means something.

    Chelsea Brown: No everything does not mean something. Okay, sometimes a movie is just a movie. Sometimes a song is just a song. Sometimes a joke is just a joke. Remember those, jokes?

  • Andre Allen: Fry or die.

  • Andre Allen: [as Hammy the Bear] Hammy time!

  • Andre Allen: When I listen to satellite radio, I listen to Sirius hits One.

    XM Employee: That's good, but just, just make it a little funnier.

    Andre Allen: Funnier?

    XM Employee: Put a little stank on it.

    Andre Allen: Stank?

    XM Employee: Nice and funny, go.

    Andre Allen: What's up, motherfuckers? This is motherfucking Andre Allen! When I listen to satellite radio, or scratch my nuts, that is, I listen to Sirius motherfucking 101... bee-otch!

    XM Employee: First take was good. I was wrong on the stank, though.

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