Steve Bolander Quotes in American Graffiti (1973)


Steve Bolander Quotes:

  • Mr. Kroot: All right, all right, Bolander, break that up. You know the rules. You and your girlfriend want to do that, go someplace else, huh?

    Steve Bolander: Hey, Kroot! Why don't you go kiss a duck?

    Mr. Kroot: What did you say?

    Steve Bolander: I said, go kiss a duck, marblehead.

    Mr. Kroot: Okay, Bolander, you are suspended. Don't - don't you even come in on Monday. You're out, you're out!

    Steve Bolander: Hey, hey, Kroot. I graduated last semester. Remember?

  • Steve Bolander: We're finally getting out of this turkey town, and now you wanna crawl back into your cell, right? You wanna end up like John? You just can't stay seventeen forever.

  • Steve Bolander: Where are you going? It's awfully early in the morning.

    Curt Henderson: [pause] I have a dentist appointment.

  • [first lines]

    Terry Fields: Hey, what do you say, Curt? Last night in town... you guys gonna have a little bash before you leave?

    Steve Bolander: The Moose have been looking for you all day.

    [hands a check to Curt]

    Steve Bolander: They got worried... thought you were trying to avoid them or something.

    Terry Fields: What is it? What do ya got?

    Curt Henderson: Oh, great.

    Terry Fields: That's $2,000 man! Two thousand dollars!

    Steve Bolander: Mr. Jennings gave it to me to give to you. He says he's sorry it's so late, but it's the first scholarship the Moose Lodge has given out. And he, uh, says they're all very proud of you back at the lodge.

    Curt Henderson: Cute. Why don't you hold it for me for awhile?

    Steve Bolander: Hey, I don't want it. Take it... it's yours.

    Terry Fields: I'll take it!

  • Steve Bolander: I thought, maybe before I leave, we could agree that... that seeing other people while I'm away can't possibly hurt, you know.

    Laurie Henderson: You mean dating other people?

    Steve Bolander: I think it would strengthen our relationship. Then we'd know for sure that we're really in love. Not that there's any doubt.

  • Laurie Henderson: Come on.

    Steve Bolander: Come on, what?

    Laurie Henderson: Steven, please. Smile or something.

    Steve Bolander: Quit pinching!

    Laurie Henderson: You think I care if you go off? You think I'm gonna crack up or something? Boy, are you conceited!

    Steve Bolander: I don't know why I ever asked you out!

  • Steve Bolander: What's wrong?

    Laurie Henderson: [emotionally] Go to hell!

  • Steve Bolander: Let's dance.

  • Steve Bolander: [being frisked by a police officer] I want you to know you're facing false arrest charges.

    Steve Bolander: [turns to face the cop] What's your badge number?

    Cop #2: Turn around!

    Steve Bolander: I got it! I saw it, you're gonna hear from my attorney.

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