Robbie Ferrier Quotes in War of the Worlds (2005)


Robbie Ferrier Quotes:

  • Robbie Ferrier: What is it? Is it terrorists?

    Ray Ferrier: These came from some place else.

    Robbie Ferrier: What do you mean, like, Europe?

    Ray Ferrier: No, Robbie, not like Europe!

  • Ray Ferrier: Ketchup. Mustard. Thousand Island Dressing. Vinaigrette. This is good, Robbie. I told you to pack *food*. What the hell is this?

    Robbie Ferrier: That's all that was in your kitchen.

  • Ray Ferrier: [playing catch with Robbie] Mom says you got a report due on Monday, so you're going to work on that when you're done here.

    Robbie Ferrier: Yeah, I'm almost finished, I just gotta type it up.

    Ray Ferrier: Yeah, bullshit.

    Robbie Ferrier: Yeah? What do you know, Ray?

    Ray Ferrier: Everything. Haven't you heard? Between me and my brother, we know everything.

    Rachel Ferrier: What's the capital of Australia?

    Ray Ferrier: That's one my brother knows.

    Robbie Ferrier: Okay with you if I just laugh the first five hundred times you tell that one?

    Ray Ferrier: ...Just do your report. We don't send you to school so you can flunk out.

    Robbie Ferrier: You don't pay for it, Tim does.

    Ray Ferrier: [hesitates furiously for a second, then throws the ball really hard at Robbie, Robbie catches it hardly] That's half of what I got.

    Robbie Ferrier: You're an asshole.

    [throws the ball hard at Ray]

    Robbie Ferrier: ...I hate coming here.

    Ray Ferrier: Is that why you act like such a dick?

    Ray Ferrier: [throws the ball super hard, but Robbie steps out of the way and allows the ball to crash through the window]

  • Ray Ferrier: Where the hell did you go?

    Robbie Ferrier: Over on Lincoln Avenue. By the church.

    Ray Ferrier: You saw the lightning? Were you near it?

    Robbie Ferrier: Yeah. 26 times we counted, over and over again. The lightning just started hitting. It opened up this, like, hole or something. I don't know.

    Ray Ferrier: 26 times?

    Robbie Ferrier: Yeah.

    Ray Ferrier: You're okay?

    Robbie Ferrier: Yeah.

    Ray Ferrier: Good. All right, well, your sister is in the house. And I want you to go in that house and I want you to stay with her. And the next time you take my car with no driver's license and no permission, I call the cops.

  • [Robbie is trying to hitch a ride with passing soldiers]

    Ray Ferrier: Robbie, you want to go in that direction? There is nothing *living* in that direction!

    Robbie Ferrier: What do you care? You never gave a shit before! You never gave a shit!

    Ray Ferrier: Okay, hard-ass. You're in charge now? So what's your plan?

    Robbie Ferrier: We catch up with these soldiers, and we head back there, and we get back at them! We get back at them!

    Ray Ferrier: Okay, now come up with a plan that doesn't involve your 10-year-old sister joining the Army! You got anything like that?

    Robbie Ferrier: Why don't you tell the truth? You don't know where to go! You only chose Boston because you hope Mom is there; You hope she is there, and then you can dump us on her! Then you will only have to care about yourself, which is exactly the way you like it!

  • Rachel Ferrier: If everything's fine, why do we have to sleep in the basement? We got perfectly good beds.

    Ray Ferrier: It's like a slumber party.

    Robbie Ferrier: What are you afraid's gonna happen to us?

    Ray Ferrier: Nice basement.

    Rachel Ferrier: I wanna sleep in my bed, got back problems.

    Ray Ferrier: Ok, well uh, you know on the weather channel, when there's a tornado, and they, tell you to go down to the basement for safety? It's like that.

    Rachel Ferrier: There's gonna be tornadoes?

    Ray Ferrier: Rachel? No more talking. Ok?

    Rachel Ferrier: Could you be a little nicer to me? God!

  • Robbie Ferrier: This is your space. You own this.

  • Robbie Ferrier: If we had any balls we'd go back there, find one of those things and kill it.

    Ray Ferrier: Thank you, but maybe you should let me handle the big decisions.

    Robbie Ferrier: When will that be, Ray? Never? Never's about your speed.

    Ray Ferrier: Ok, enough of the "Ray" shit! It"s "Dad," or "Sir!" Or if you want, "Mr. Ferrier."... That sounds a little weird to me but you decide.

  • Rachel Ferrier: [Calling out] Mom?... Tim? Mom!

    Robbie Ferrier: ...They're gone.

    Rachel Ferrier: [to Ray] Is she dead?

    Ray Ferrier: She's not dead. Alright? She's just not here, okay. They were never here.

    Robbie Ferrier: How do you know?

    Ray Ferrier: Because they're on their way to Boston.

  • Robbie Ferrier: Ray, I'm standing right next to you. Talk to me. What's going on?

  • Robbie Ferrier: I have to see this, Dad. You have to let me go. I want to fight. Please! I have to see this. Just let me go!

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