Queen Anne Quotes in The Man in the Iron Mask (1998)


Queen Anne Quotes:

  • D'Artagnan: Anne, I know that to love you is a treason against France, but not to love you is a treason against my heart.

    Queen Anne: Then we will both die traitors, D'Artagnan.

  • D'Artagnan: No. If anyone sees... it is death.

    Queen Anne: If I don't kiss you, I'll die anyway.

  • Queen Anne: Aramis!

    Aramis: I have come to ask whether you believe that just as one lie can destroy a life, so one truth can make it whole again.

    Queen Anne: I have prayed every day for such a miracle.

  • Queen Anne: Bless me Father, for I have sinned.

    Aramis: So have I.

  • King Louis: You've failed.

    Cardinal Richelieu: Oh, you're so naive. Things couldn't be more perfect if I planned them myself. The King of France dies at the hands of his own personal guard. Grief stricken, terrified, the hudled masses turn for comfort to their devout spiritual leader who, ever so humbly, assumes the throne. With the Queen by his side.

    Queen Anne: I would rather die!

    Cardinal Richelieu: That can be arranged!

  • [the Queen is alone, contemplating a map of the world]

    Cardinal Richelieu: Homesick?

    Queen Anne: Cardinal Richelieu. You surprised me.

    Cardinal Richelieu: I often have that effect on people. I can't imagine why, I'm really a very gentle person. You seem a little unhappy in your new home.

    Queen Anne: Lonely. Is that the same thing?

    Cardinal Richelieu: Austria's loss is France's gain.

    Queen Anne: I'm not sure the King shares your opinion. We've barely spoken since our wedding day. Whenever we're together he seems so... uncertain.

    Cardinal Richelieu: Arranged marriages can be difficult. Your father and I thought yours would bring Austria and France closer together.

    Queen Anne: Well countries align more swiftly than people, I'm afraid.

    Cardinal Richelieu: What a pity. Love is, I think... wasted on the young.

  • King Louis: You look beautiful.

    Queen Anne: Thank you.

    King Louis: Is something wrong?

    Queen Anne: Cardinal Richelieu.

    King Louis: Yes?

    Queen Anne: He is an evil man.

    King Louis: Do not believe every rumour you hear. He is powerful.

    Queen Anne: I ride through the countryside every day, I've seen the uses of his power.

    King Louis: Power sometimes frightens.

    Queen Anne: Here in the Palace I have seen it too.

    King Louis: I know.

    Queen Anne: What shall we do?

    King Louis: I don't know, but we will do it together.

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