Peters Quotes in Surrogates (2009)


Peters Quotes:

  • Peters: That's far enough, Stone. I know who hired you to kill me. I hope my old partners at VSI paid you well. Did you feel any second of remorse when you found out you'd murdered an innocent boy?

    Stone: Canter. I don't believe it. OK... How about you tell me something, doctor. Huh? What did you expect VSI to do? Just stand by while you tore down everything they built? You left us no choice but to take you out. You create this technology, change the world, and now you want to destroy it? So what? So you can take us backwards? So we can all live like dreads?

    Peters: So we can live like human beings.

    Stone: Really, doctor. You should learn how to live with your regrets.

  • Peters: Uhhh, Mrs. Wyatt, it is clear you do not understand the British mentality. While Van Leyden was a Dutch journalist, Mr. Bridie here diskiked him intensely, Ouuh... as soon as he discovered discovered he was a half breed, Bridie began... well... felt a certain sympathy for him... Now that you all suspect him of being an anti-British fanatic and maty be a murderer, Mr. Bridie will start crusading for him. He has become an underdog. and the British love underdogs.

    Bridie: Hmmm, it's better than kicking them, Mr. Peters.

  • Alec Leamas: [Yawns]

    Peters: Tired?

    Alec Leamas: Aren't you?

    Peters: No, I didn't have any drink with my supper.

    Alec Leamas: I didn't have any supper with my drink.

  • [after visiting the "other place" and waking from a coma, Justin has sealed himself in and airlock]

    Peters: Justin, open the door.

    Justin: Did you hear it?

    Starck: [trying to override the lock] Keep him talking.

    Peters: Yes. Yes, I heard it. Do you know what it is?

    Justin: It shows you things... horrible things.

    Peters: What does?

    Justin: The dark inside me from the other place. I won't go back there. I won't.

    Peters: No, Baby Bear. Come on, open the door.

    D.J.: [enters] What's happening?

    Starck: I don't think she can talk him down.

    D.J.: She'd better. If he opens the airlock, he's going to turn inside out.

    Peters: No, you stay with me.

    Starck: I've almost got it.

    Peters: You stay with me, Justin. Come on, now! Open that door!

    Justin: If you could see the things I've seen, you wouldn't try to stop me.

  • Jack Marsden: Why is it something always happens when YOU'RE not here?

    Peters: Unfortunate coincidence, sir.

  • Peters: Did I hear somebody scream?

    Kitty: Well, if you didn't, you oughta have your ears cleaned out!

  • [at a huge crash from the cellar]

    Jack Marsden: Peters, what's all that commotion?

    Peters: It sounds like our friends the detectives.

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