Patterson Quotes in Burke and Hare (2010)


Patterson Quotes:

  • Doctor Robert Knox: That's the third rotter I've had from McTavish and his gang of grave robbers in the last three weeks.


    Doctor Robert Knox: I can't go on like this.

    Patterson: Is there anything I can do Doctor?

    Doctor Robert Knox: You could start praying, Patterson, for the one thing that could save us.

    Patterson: And what's that sir?

    Doctor Robert Knox: An enormous and awful calamity right here in Edinburgh. An accident or a - or a natural disaster. Something which generates the large numbers of cadavers I need for my work.

    Patterson: Wouldn't that be nice sir?

  • Patterson: I'm sorry to disturb you Doctor but there are two men outside to see you. They appear to have a herring barrel with them.

    Doctor Robert Knox: I have no taste for herring Patterson. Send them away.

    Patterson: I believe there's something else in the herring barrel Doctor.

  • [Patterson realizes his section report is missing]

    Patterson: Will you gentlemen excuse me for one moment? Right back.

    [Leaves meeting and walks up to Michael]

    Patterson: What have you done?

    Michael: What do you mean?

    Patterson: Oh, you know damn well what I mean. There are batting averages in my section report.

    Michael: Batting averages? That seems strange. Are you sure they're not batting champions?

    Patterson: I'm in a meeting, you swine, with Howard and two penchant funders. Where's my section report?

    Michael: Where's my schedule 47?

    Howard: [walking up from behind] Patterson, is everything alright?

    Michael: Yes, Howard, fine.

    Howard: Michael, I heard something was wrong with your schedule 47. Not true is it?

    Michael: I don't know, I mean everything's all, you know, set, ready to roll.

    Howard: Good, because so are we.

    Patterson: Yes Howard, one moment.

    [Howard walks away]

    Patterson: Look, I'm not admitting to anything, of course.

    Michael: Of course not.

    Patterson: But, if you get me mine, I can see about getting yours back.

    Michael: [Michael shakes his head]

    Patterson: What do you want?

    Michael: I want you to go down to your office...

    Patterson: I'm in a meeting.

    Michael: Go down to your office, and get my report back online in sixty seconds.

    [Patterson walks away shocked]

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