Mike Rezendes Quotes in Spotlight (2015)


Mike Rezendes Quotes:

  • Mike Rezendes: We got Law. This is it.

    Walter 'Robby' Robinson: No, this is Law covering for one priest, there's another ninety out there.

    Mike Rezendes: Yeah, and we'll print that story when we get it, but we got to go with this now.

    Walter 'Robby' Robinson: No, I'm not going to rush this story, Mike.

    Mike Rezendes: We don't have a choice, Robby. If we don't rush to print, somebody else is going to find these letters and butcher this story. Joe Quimby from the Herald was at the freaking courthouse!

    Walter 'Robby' Robinson: Mike.

    Mike Rezendes: What? Why are we hesitating? Baron told us to get Law. This is Law.

    Walter 'Robby' Robinson: Baron told us to get the system. We need the full scope. That's the only thing that will put an end to this.

    Mike Rezendes: Then let's take it up to Ben and let him decide.

    Walter 'Robby' Robinson: We'll take it to Ben when I say it's time.

    Mike Rezendes: It's time, Robby! It's time! They knew and they let it happen! To KIDS! Okay? It could have been you, it could have been me, it could have been any of us. We gotta nail these scumbags! We gotta show people that nobody can get away with this; Not a priest, or a cardinal or a freaking pope!

  • Mike Rezendes: [from trailer] Six percent is 90.

    Walter 'Robby' Robinson: 90 priests?

    Ben Bradlee Jr.: If there were 90 of these bastards, people would know.

    Mike Rezendes: Maybe they do.

  • Mike Rezendes: Mitch, are you telling me that the Catholic Church removed legal documents from that courthouse?

    Mitchell Garabedian: Look, I'm not crazy, I'm not paranoid. I'm experienced. Check the docket. You'll see. They control everything.

  • Mike Rezendes: [from trailer] They knew and they let it happen! It could've been you, it could've been me, it could've been any of us.

  • Mitchell Garabedian: I'm Armenian. How many Armenians do you know in Boston ?

    Mike Rezendes: Steve Kurkjian, works at the Globe...

    Mitchell Garabedian: Oh. That's two. You should get a prize or something.

  • Mike Rezendes: [from trailer] I know there's things you cannot tell people. But I also know there's a story here people will hear about it.

  • Mitchell Garabedian: I already talked to the Phoenix.

    Mike Rezendes: Yeah, there's a reason I didn't see it. Nobody reads a Phoenix anymore... they're broke, they don't have any power. The Globe does. If we cover the story, everybody will hear about it.

    Mitchell Garabedian: The Church thinks in centuries, Mr. Rezendes. Do you think your paper has resources to take that on?

    Mike Rezendes: Yeah, I do. But if you don't mind me asking... Do you?

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