Magnolia Quotes in Show Boat (1936)


Magnolia Quotes:

  • Magnolia: I never complained. I've lived like this half the time - washing clothes, cooking food over a gas jet, but I loved him. And if all that came with him, I was willing to take care of it. I thought he knew that.

  • Julie: [to Magnolia] Once a girl like you starts to love a man, she don't stop so easy.

    Magnolia: Well, couldn't you stop loving Steve if he treated you mean?

    Julie: No, honey, no matter what he did.

  • Parthy: He's a murderer!

    Magnolia: Mama!

    Parthy: You're letting my daughter marry a murderer!

    Cap'n Andy Hawks: Who's the murderer?

    Parthy: That Ravenal! He killed a man.

    Magnolia: Gay!

    Cap'n Andy Hawks: Then why ain't he in jail, or hanged?

    The Sheriff: The jury figured the gentleman he killed oughta went anyhow.

    Parthy: Andy Hawks, are you going to stand there and let your only child marry a murderer?

    Cap'n Andy Hawks: Oh don't be so narrow minded, Mrs. Hawks, I killed a man myself once.

    Parthy: You killed?

    Cap'n Andy Hawks: Yes, me. Now, are you comin' with us, or ain't you? They're going to be married.

    Parthy: Married to a murderer! Oh!

    [she faints]

    Ellie May Chipley: She's fainted.

    Cap'n Andy Hawks: Are you sure?

    The Sheriff: She's out.

    Cap'n Andy Hawks: Good! Now we'll go on with the wedding.

  • Ellie May Chipley: Nolie, what's the matter? Is Gay hurt?

    Magnolia: No. Ellie, you read it. I may believe it if I hear somebody else say it.

  • Rubber Face: [the actors are performing the play "The Parson's Bride" on the show boat. Rubber Face, the prop and sound effects man, mistakenly moos like a cow instead of doing a doorbell sound effect] Moo!

    Magnolia: [in character as Miss Lucy] Ah, there's the bell. It must be Parson Brown at last!

    Gaylord Ravenal: [enters in character as Parson Brown] Good evening, Miss Lucy! I was absorbed in meditation and did not realize night had fallen.

    Magnolia: The days are growing shorter, Hamilton, but they're long when one is waiting!

    Gaylord Ravenal: As I came across the field I saw the cattle driven home by your faithful dog.

    Rubber Face: [growing ever louder] Mooo! MOOOO!

    [Ravenal rolls his eyes in exasperation]

    Cap'n Andy Hawks: [to Rubber face] Shut up!

  • Gaylord Ravenal: [borrowing Magnolia's jewels so that he can pawn them] Don't worry darling, it's only temporary. I'll get them back for you.

    Magnolia: Everything can be temporary - -except us.

  • Magnolia: [to Gaylord Ravenal] I know there's no other woman... no flesh-and-blood woman. But I can't fight this Lady Luck of yours, this fancy queen in her green felt dress.

  • Magnolia: Julie, nothing's changed.

    Julie: [embracing Magnolia] Oh Nollie, Nollie, always true! Stay happy now.

  • Magnolia: How are your others?

    Gaylord Ravenal: Huh? What's that, honey?

    Magnolia: Your other bets! Yesterday's and last night's and all those "one last round before we break it up" bets! Were they just as good?

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