Lady Susan Ashlow Quotes in The Little Hut (1957)


Lady Susan Ashlow Quotes:

  • Lady Susan Ashlow: Any man that tells the world that his wife is incapable of having a lover deserves to suffer.

  • Lady Susan Ashlow: Oh, darling cuddly bumps! You must be absolutely thrilled to death!

  • Lady Susan Ashlow: Darling, how do you like my new nighty?

  • Sir Philip Ashlow: Now, let me see now, is there anything I've forgotten before I turn out the light? All right. I don't think. I've taken care of everything. Don't you?

    Lady Susan Ashlow: Almost everything. Good night!

    Sir Philip Ashlow: Sleep tight, my pet.

  • Lady Susan Ashlow: Oh, what a lovely little island. I wonder if anybody lives here?

    Henry Brittingham-Brett: Like our luck, it's probably swarming with savages.

  • Henry Brittingham-Brett: All this talk of honeymoons and gardens of eden, anybody figured out my role in this three-cornered paradise?

    Lady Susan Ashlow: Yes, darling. You can figure out the proper seating arrangement.

  • Henry Brittingham-Brett: Are you decent?

    Lady Susan Ashlow: Don't worry darling, I've got my slip on.

  • Lady Susan Ashlow: Didn't Philip tell you? He's building a big hut for him and me and a little hut for you.

    Henry Brittingham-Brett: In deed.

    Lady Susan Ashlow: Well, we can't very well go on sleeping under the stars all the time, can we? We can't all live in one hut together. Well, we can't, really, can we?

    Henry Brittingham-Brett: I think the sleeping arrangements leave a lot to be desired.

  • Lady Susan Ashlow: Philip.

    Sir Philip Ashlow: Yes, my pet.

    Lady Susan Ashlow: You know, darling, I'll bet that's the trouble.

    Sir Philip Ashlow: What is?

    Lady Susan Ashlow: You always call me "my pet." And that's the way you treated me. Like a pet. Like a nice amusing little pet, almost like Nelson. And never like a wife. Isn't that true?

  • Lady Susan Ashlow: That's quite a tan you've acquired.

    Mario: Oh, eh, I'm almost naked, madame.

    Lady Susan Ashlow: Yes, yes you are, aren't you.

  • Mario: On this island, madame, man have primitive desires.

    Lady Susan Ashlow: [laughs] They certainly do.

  • Henry Brittingham-Brett: Susan, I'm astounded! Never in my whole life have I seen such a deplorable exhibition!

    Lady Susan Ashlow: Well, of all the ingratitudes!

    Sir Philip Ashlow: Ingratitude!

    Lady Susan Ashlow: Well, I had to do something to save your lives.

    Sir Philip Ashlow: That was no reason for you to bow and scrap and curtsy in that humiliating fashion!

  • Sir Philip Ashlow: Are you trying to tell us that after only one half hour in the hut, you learned to speak his savage tongue?

    Lady Susan Ashlow: No, darling, only a couple words. We used sign language. He's awfully good at it.

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