Joelle Quotes in Day for Night (1973)


Joelle Quotes:

  • Julie: Liliane ran off with the stuntman.

    Joelle: Does Alphonse know?

    Julie: I had to tell him.

    Joelle: With the stuntman? I'd drop a guy for a film. I'd never drop a film for a guy!

  • Ferrand: She's always around!

    Joelle: She's Lajoie's wife.

    Ferrand: She thinks she's a crew member?

    Joelle: No, she thinks women are after him! She makes his life hell. He's too weak to dump her. We call them "The Sorrow and the Pity"!

  • Joelle: How about Alexander? He fooled everybody. We all expected a Lolita and a handsome Romeo got off the plane!

  • Joelle: The scene needs a new idea. Call your co-writer!

    Ferrand: I thought of it. He's in Japan. He's adapting Turgenev's "First Love". Set in modern Japan. Great idea!

  • Joelle: Back to work! You dictate, I'll type. We promised it to Julie tonight.

    Ferrand: Okay, back to the kitchen. No more guilt or sense of shame. They decide to run away like thieves in the night.

    Joelle: "Pamela" could actually say that! We must show that she's completely lucid. She loved the son, now she loves the father. That must come across.

    Ferrand: Yes. Julie explained it very well. Here's her interview in the morning paper: "The girl realizes the boy she married is only a pale reflection to his father." She understood the script! Why? Because her mother was an actress. She knows Hollywood, where many kids try to live up to famous parents. Fairbanks, Barrymore and others.

  • Joelle: Everyone's nuts on this movie!

  • Joelle: Like the chef in "Rules Of The Game", "I cater to diets, but not fad!"

  • Bernard, l'accessoiriste: Joelle, if you're in the mood...

    Joelle: For what?

    Bernard, l'accessoiriste: We're all alone here...

    Joelle: Okay, you're on!

    Bernard, l'accessoiriste: What?

    Joelle: All bark and no bite! But when it's time for action...

    Bernard, l'accessoiriste: You're willing?

    Joelle: Yes. But we haven't got all day. - - Move it!

  • Stacey: I don't know why Ferrand cast me? He can't stand me1

    Joelle: Who told you that?

    Stacey: I know he thinks I'm a lousy actress. Just between us, maybe he's right. No, he didn't cast me! Was it the producer? Something's peculiar about this film.

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