Jimmy Monroe Quotes in Cop Out (2010)


Jimmy Monroe Quotes:

  • Paul Hodges: [screaming random movie lines to get a suspect to talk] Yippie-ki-yay, motherfucker!

    Jimmy Monroe: I've never seen that movie before.

  • Dave: Knock Knock.

    Paul Hodges: Don't do it Jim.

    Dave: Do it.

    Paul Hodges: If you respect our partnership Jim don't do it.

    Dave: Do it.

    Jimmy Monroe: Who's there?

    Dave: Orange.

    Paul Hodges: No. No. Huh Huh. No. No! No! No! Hell No! NO! NO! I refuse to... No! No! Alright Orange who damn it?

    Dave: Orange you pissed that your wife is taking it in the ass from another guy right now?

  • Jimmy Monroe: This guy's the biggest car thief in Brooklyn, let's be careful

    Tommy: [Rolls down the car window, looks up at Paul and Jimmy] You just scratched my ride.

    Paul Hodges: What the hell are you doin', Tommy?

    Tommy: I'm drivin', bitch.

    Paul Hodges: Get out o' the car!

    Tommy: Is it I'm black?

    Paul Hodges: No! Cause you're TEN!

    Tommy: Eleven!

    Paul Hodges: Get out o' the car!

    Tommy: I was wearin' my seatbelt!

    Paul Hodges: Get out o' the car, you little re-peat offender!

    Tommy: Fuck!

  • Tommy: What?

    Paul Hodges: You know, I'm gonna smack the black off you!

    Tommy: You can't do anything to me

    Paul Hodges: Talk! About the stolen Mercedes-Benz!

    Tommy: I'm not tellin' you nothin'

    Paul Hodges: No, you gonna tell me somethin' or I'm gonna...

    [Tommy kicks Paul in the balls]

    Jimmy Monroe: I told ya be careful!

    [Paul punches Tommy]

    Jimmy Monroe: Paul, did you just punch a little child?

    Paul Hodges: There's things you don't know about me, Jim, I'll fuck a little kid up if he kicked me in the dick!

  • Dave: This is police brutality.

    Jimmy Monroe: Not yet...

  • Paul Hodges: Now we need to know about the Mercedez

    [Jimmy looks on with a grin]

    Paul Hodges: that was stolen a couple o' nights ago, in the back of a Mini-Mart, in Bay Ridge!

    Tommy: I ain't tellin' you shit! You can't DO shit, cause I'm a miiiinor

    Jimmy Monroe: Heh heh heh heh

    Tommy: Fuck you too, Professor-X-looking Mother Fucker!

    Jimmy Monroe: You are an angry young man.

    Tommy: Yo, you're messin' with my business, bitch.

    Paul Hodges: Whose car is this?

    Tommy: Yo Momma's!

  • Paul Hodges: I know what "pellegro" means.

    Jimmy Monroe: What's it mean?

    Paul Hodges: It's Puerto-Rican for "penguin"

  • Paul Hodges: Jim, I just got SHOT!

    Jimmy Monroe: Mozel Tov

  • Jimmy Monroe: You ready?

    Paul Hodges: I'm ready.


    Paul Hodges: Let's go be great!

    Jimmy Monroe: Do you ever listen to yourself sometimes?

  • Paul Hodges: You know, the bonobo chimpanzee is the only non-human primate that has oral sex?

    Jimmy Monroe: Where do you find the time to watch "Animal Planet"? I'm with you 25 hours a day!

    Paul Hodges: [Pointing to head] I have to feed this. I have to feed this.

    Jimmy Monroe: Well, you're a compendium of fucking useless information.

    Paul Hodges: Well, I don't wanna look at reality TV, cause that's the bowels of Hollywood.

    Jimmy Monroe: [mumbled] fuckin' Reality TV, fuckin' blows

    Paul Hodges: And I like to see chimpanzees gettin' head.

    Jimmy Monroe: You got a point.

  • Paul Hodges: OK, how are we going work this?

    Jimmy Monroe: Same way we always do. I interrogate him, you write it down.

    Paul Hodges: Oh so you're making decisions now? I hope the whole 6-9 know that you're making decisions. I'm going to play the bad guy on this one.

    Jimmy Monroe: Doubtful.

    Paul Hodges: Un-doubtful.

    Jimmy Monroe: Highly doubtful and you know why because you don't play the bad guy. You just steal all the bullshit lines you hear on TV and the movies that you like.

  • [first lines]

    Paul Hodges: You know what today represents? Nine Jim. Nine years me and you been together. *Nine* we been main shit stains. I know some dogs that don't even live to be nine. You're lucky if you get seven years out of a Great Dane. But me and you been puttin' it together for nine...

    [whips out a card]

    Paul Hodges: Happy anniversary Jim.

    Jimmy Monroe: I don't celebrate anniversaries.

    Paul Hodges: Jim, open it up. I wanna see the expression on your face.

    Jimmy Monroe: You wanna see the expression on my face? The expression you're gonna see on my face is "fuck you".

  • Paul Hodges: That's called parkour. It's a French martial art to get you around and over stuff.

    Jimmy Monroe: What are you?

  • [last lines]

    Priest: Who give this bride away?

    Jimmy Monroe: I do.

    Ava: [mouthing] I love you.

  • Paul Hodges: What's with the box?

    Jimmy Monroe: I gotta sell the Pavco.

    Paul Hodges: I heard that. I know that's right... I'm lying. What's a Pavco?

    Jimmy Monroe: It's a baseball card.

    Paul Hodges: Jimmy, if you need twenty bucks...

    Jimmy Monroe: Asshole, I don't need twenty bucks.

  • Dave: Did you just fall down from the stairs?

    Jimmy Monroe: [lying] No!

  • Barry Mangold: [teasing Monroe after he's been robbed] Mr. Monroe, we are the police. We're here to help. You've been a victim of a crime, do you understand?

    Jimmy Monroe: I ain't got no time for this shit.

    Barry Mangold: Wow! Oh God!

    Hunsaker: You know, based on the uh the emotional state how we should proceed? What do you think? We could get him a psycho avaluation?

    Barry Mangold: So we're gonna take you to Bellevue just to make sure you're okay uh huh?

    Hunsaker: Now for the record, how long actually have you been a...

    [Barry shows a comic book]

    Hunsaker: hobbyist?

    Barry Mangold: Now, was there any identifying marks on the suspects?

    Jimmy Monroe: [remembers of Dave's tattoo] No!

  • Paul Hodges: Oh, shit. He's taking a shit in the house.

    Jimmy Monroe: What kind of guy takes a shit in the same house that he's robbing?

    Paul Hodges: I don't know. What kind of guy takes a shit in a high-pressure situation like this? I'm not shitting no where except for my house. I will pitch it in my house for hours before I let it go. But when I let it, here, it goes. Here, she blows. The big brown shark is gonna to come. I set records for my shit turds. I move my bowels all over my toilet. All over my bathroom, I'm moving bowels. I shit so hard sometimes, people next door will be like, "Warriors, come out and play."

  • Jimmy Monroe: Get him?

    Paul Hodges: His head is not there. Is it counted?

  • Paul Hodges: ohh ahhhhh

    Jimmy Monroe: ooh my card

  • Paul Hodges: Why did you smack me?

    Jimmy Monroe: I was in the moment and the moment said smack ya.

  • Jimmy Monroe: Ma'am, ma'am.

    Laura: Whats going on?

    Paul Hodges: Somebody just broke into your house.

    Laura: [while pulling out gun] I'm gonna go take care of the son of a... B, myself.

    Jimmy Monroe: Whoa, whoa, ma'am.

    Kevin: You gonna smoke somebody?

    Paul Hodges: Put the gun down.

    Laura: I know my rights!

    Jimmy Monroe: [while trying not to swear in front of young boy] Lady, put the f-in' gun, down on the ground right now, take your son across the f-in' street, AND STAY THERE TILL WE COME AND GET YOU! Jesus... C.

  • Jimmy Monroe: I been where you are.

    Paul Hodges: Roy?

    [Jimmy nods]

    Paul Hodges: C'mere, man

    [Paul spreads his arms wide]

    Paul Hodges: You look like you need a hug.

    Jimmy Monroe: [Steps back] Whoa. You really read that one wrong.

    Paul Hodges: It's just that I'm vulnerable, man.

    Jimmy Monroe: How long she been in there?

    Paul Hodges: I don't know, does this mean that we're not broken up any more?

    Jimmy Monroe: What are you, in the fifth grade?

  • Jimmy Monroe: What do you do?

    Hourly Housekeeper: Housekeeping.

    Eddie: She's an hourly housekeeper. Hou... Hourly rate. Housekeeper.

  • Jimmy Monroe: You beat up a kid?

    Paul Hodges: I needed the bike.

    Captain Romans: You can see it on youtube if you want.

    Paul Hodges: Really? What, *the* youtube?

    Captain Romans: Good job.

    Paul Hodges: Captain, how many hits I get?

    Captain Romans: There's at least two, the Chief of Police and the Deputy Chief.

  • Jimmy Monroe: [nonchalantly in Mexican standoff] You know how tired we are from killing all your friends?

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