Jeanie Quotes in The Internship (2013)


Jeanie Quotes:

  • Jeanie: Let me call Kevin.

    Nick Campbell: Jeanie... I'm sure your boyfriend's a great guy, but I'm not ready to work for someone who spent all of last Thanksgiving explaining the meaning of his tattoo.

  • [closing narration]

    Jeanie: Back in the heavy stoned days, when we used to stay up and talk a lot, Annie and me, we were talking about dying, how it feels and all. I said I'd never get buried. I couldn't stand them shoveling dirt in my face. Like, I know I'd be dead, but I still might have this strong compulsion to breathe, okay? But Annie, she said she wanted to be buried right in the ground under a pear tree. Really. Not in a box or anything. She said she wanted the roots going right through her, and each year, we'd come along, take a pear, and go "Hey, Annie's tasting good this year, huh?"

  • Jeanie: Hey Daddy, what are you doing?

    Joey: Shut up and drink your beer!

  • Jeanie: My name is Jeanie. What's yours?

    Frank Bigelow: Frank.

    Jeanie: I've never seen you here before, Frank.

    Frank Bigelow: Well, I've never been here before.

  • Diane: Here's to law school, may it be the three shortest years of my life.

    Jeanie: Here's to reaching my full capacity.

    Diane: A whole quarter of it.

    Stevie: Here's to my new employers at Pan Am, may they never find out I'm afraid of flying.

    Liz: Here's to my mother who never let me forget that I was born with a silver spoon up my ass. But mother you were wrong, it's up my nose!

    Katherine: Here's to my sisters...

    Diane: Oh come on!

    Katherine: No seriously, here's to my sisters without whom I wouldn't be what I am today... wasted!

    Diane: Alright Morgan, now we understand this takes a lot of thinking Morgan...

    Morgan: Here's to...

    [begins to throw up within mouth]

  • Jeanie: Can you actually believe what we're talking about!

  • [last lines]

    Jeanie: [to her son as they show up in Amityville] I think you gonna like it here

  • Jeanie: Boys will be boys

    Jeanie: You humans have such vivid imaginations

    Jeanie: [on her son] He was protecting you as you protected him

    Jeanie: We have to let our children mature in dimensions like these

    Jeanie: Your not part of this world

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