Jake Lo Quotes in Rapid Fire (1992)


Jake Lo Quotes:

  • Mace Ryan: Chicago PD thinks you're a cop-killer, you know what that means?

    Jake Lo: I'm off the departments Christmas list?

  • Jake Lo: Ohh great, more cops.

    Agent Stuart: We are with the FBI, this is agent Wesley and I am agent Stewart.

    Jake Lo: Ohh cops in suits.

  • Jake Lo: Whatever it takes? Whatever it takes is something that happens to somebody else.

  • Jake Lo: [after telling an FBI agent that they know he's in cohoots with the mob] They man wants to be arrested. I say arrest him.

    Mace Ryan: Jake, why don't you take those fists of fury of yours outside, you're making the poor man nervous.

    Jake Lo: [smugly] Good.

    Mace Ryan: [pointing to himself] THIS poor man.

  • Jake Lo: [reviewing his father's military file] How'd you get this?

    Karla Withers: Through a friend at Interpol. I called in a favour.

    Jake Lo: Well, you better call them back. I don't think you got all of it.

    Karla Withers: What were you hoping to find in there?

    Jake Lo: I don't know. Nothing.

    [shoves it angrily off the table]

    Karla Withers: You're welcome. You know, this wasn't an easy thing to get.

    Jake Lo: So why'd you do it then?

    Karla Withers: Excuse me?

    Jake Lo: I mean, everybody wants something, especially a 24 hour a day cop.

    Karla Withers: You're really asking me why I did this?

    Jake Lo: I just keep wondering when Lieutenant Ryan and his wish list are gonna come through the door.

    Karla Withers: You asshole! I read the file, Jake. Your father was doing what he thought was right and he died. It happens every day. Deal with it.

  • Jake Lo: Knock yourself out.

  • Agent Stuart: I want you to know, Jake, that I'm the only one who did this to myself, and to you. I want you to know that I take responsibility for my personal actions.

    Jake Lo: This isn't EST, Frank.

  • Jake Lo: [looks in cupboard] Pop-tarts.

    [looks in fridge]

    Jake Lo: More Pop-Tarts.

  • Rosalyn: [looking at a sketch that Jake has drawn of her with a large dragon behind her] Wow... is that me...?

    Jake Lo: No, you're the dragon.

  • Rosalyn: You wanna go out with me?

    Jake Lo: Sure.

    Rosalyn: Great! Meet me at this addresss at 8:30.

    [jotts down the address for him]

    Rosalyn: Who knows... maybe you'll think I'm sexier with my clothes on!

    Jake Lo: [to himself, after grinning and holding the door open for her to leave] Don't bet on it...

  • Rosalyn: Can I look at what you did?

    Jake Lo: Sure.

    Rosalyn: [after looking at his drawing of her and a dragon] Wow. Is that me?

    Jake Lo: No, you're the dragon.

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