Hazel Flagg Quotes in Nothing Sacred (1937)


Hazel Flagg Quotes:

  • Wally Cook: For good clean fun, there's nothing like a wake.

    Hazel Flagg: Oh please, let's not talk shop.

  • Hazel Flagg: It's kind of startling to be brought to life twice - and each time in Warsaw!

  • Wally Cook: You've lived here all your life?

    Hazel Flagg: Twice that long.

  • Wally Cook: I got in touch with Oliver, er, Oliver Stone my editor. He's toe dancing in the street waiting for us.

    Hazel Flagg: I hope he's nice like you.

    Wally Cook: Well he's got a different quality of charm. He's sort of a cross between a ferris wheel and a werewolf. But with a lovable streak if you care to blast for it.

  • Wally Cook: How do you feel, sailor?

    Hazel Flagg: Hunky-dory, skipper.

  • [last lines]

    Dr. Enoch Downer: Hazel! Hazel!

    Hazel Flagg: Yes, Enoch? What is it?

    Dr. Enoch Downer: Hazel! Hazel! Run for your life! Run for your life! The hotel is flooded!

  • Hazel Flagg: I don't suppose newspaper men marry - as a rule.

    Wally Cook: Not after 14 or 15. That's the dangerous age for the journalist. His ideals are not yet formed and he falls easy prey to elderly waitresses.

  • Wally Cook: I used to love New York when it went ga-ga over some celebrity. It danced in the streets with a neon light around its heart. I'm getting fed up with its trick tears and phony lamentations over you.

    Hazel Flagg: Be glad then for me. It makes everything all right in a way. What I mean is, I wouldn't want to feel I was really making all those people suffer.

  • Dr. Enoch Downer: Take your stockings off!

    Hazel Flagg: You're the doctor, take 'em off yourself.

  • Dr. Enoch Downer: I brought you something. Raw eggs! Just what you need. the albumin counteracts the alcohol. Suck 'em right down. It'll settle your stomach. Go on! I got a whole dozen.

    Hazel Flagg: Is this the way drunks feel?

    Dr. Enoch Downer: Hazel, you've got what is known in medicine - as a hangover.

    Hazel Flagg: I've got something worst than that. I've got a conscience. Oou!

    Dr. Enoch Downer: Keep on suckin' that egg and your conscience will go away.

  • Hazel Flagg: I hate you!

    Wally Cook: You're going to have plenty of reasons to hate me. I'm going to show you cards and spades and lying for the next 50 years. I'm gonna pay you back for every lie you told. I'm gonna flirt and lie and cheat and swindle right through to our golden wedding.

    Hazel Flagg: Yeah, yeah. Let me hit you just once.

  • Hazel Flagg: [suffering from a hangover] Oh my gosh, there's a sawmill inside my head.

  • Hazel Flagg: Oh, darling, I'd love to sit with you in here for the rest of my life.

  • Wally Cook: Take that ice pack off your head and fight.

    Hazel Flagg: No, no. What's the use? Why fool them any longer?

    Wally Cook: Because I love you. Because I'm going to marry you and I don't want to spend my honeymoon hanging around Sing Sing blowing kisses to you in the exercise yard! Come on, stop dogging! You've got to be bathed in perspiration!

  • Wally Cook: Say goodnight to Papa, now.

    Hazel Flagg: Why? What are you gonna do?

  • Hazel Flagg: Oh, let me alone. I wish I really could die. Go someplace by myself and die alone - like an elephant!

  • Dr. Enoch Downer: You can stop given yourself the heirs of a dying swan. According to this last analysis I made, you ain't a-going to die. Unless you get run over or something.

    Hazel Flagg: What?

    Dr. Enoch Downer: You heard me. I don't like to chew my cabbage twice.

    Hazel Flagg: You mean, you mean I-I-I'm not going to die?

    Dr. Enoch Downer: You're fitter than a fiddle!

  • Hazel Flagg: You know, I don't, which I am: happy or miserable. I-I'm all mixed up.

  • Wally Cook: Come on, baby! Come on, keep moving snake brains! Come on!

    Hazel Flagg: I'll kill you! Banging at me like, around like I was a prized pig with a blue ribbon on!

  • Hazel Flagg: I'm a fake, huh? I'm a fake? What are you and that phony Santa Claus Oliver Stone slobbering and drooling over me?

    [Hits Wally]

    Hazel Flagg: That's for the heroines of history!

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