Eddie Kagle Quotes in Angel on My Shoulder (1946)


Eddie Kagle Quotes:

  • Barbara Foster: All I know is wherever you're going, I want to go too.

    Eddie Kagle: You don't belong where I'm going honey.

  • Eddie Kagle: Wipe that smile off your mug!

  • Eddie Kagle: Take a powder.

    Albert, Parker's Servant: Take a powder sir? Oh, you mean scram.

  • Eddie Kagle: How long you been down here?

    Nick: Since time immemorial.

    Eddie Kagle: The way you talk, you must've had a good education.

    Nick: A most liberal one.

    Eddie Kagle: I only went through the third grade.

    Nick: I went through the whole gamut of learning. I know everything.

    Eddie Kagle: Stuck on yourself, huh? What's your name?

    Nick: Well, I have a number of aliases. I have a long record under the name of Mephistopheles.

    Eddie Kagle: Greek, huh?

    Nick: Well, there are some who claim I'm more of one nation than another, but that's not true, Eddie. I'm of all nations, I play no favorites.

    Eddie Kagle: You look like a con man. Look, Mephistopheles...

    Nick: Call me Nick.

    Eddie Kagle: You married?

    Nick: Millions of women have adored me.

    Eddie Kagle: Quite a guy with the ladies, huh?

    Nick: I'm a fascinating fellow.

    Eddie Kagle: Look, mug, playing around with dames is dynamite.

    Nick: But most delightful dynamite, Eddie! Live fully while you may, and reckon not the cost. Deny yourself nothing - flame and blaze like a torch, and toss the fire about you! Omar Khayam said it: 'I'll make the most of what we yet may spend, before we too into the dust descend!'

  • Eddie Kagle: [arriving in Hell] Florida never smelled like this... like rotten eggs...

    Chemist: Precisely, young man. Rotten eggs. The unpleasant odor is caused by H2SO4, hydrogen sulfuric acid, the most common compound of hydrogen and sulphur. Am I right? I poisoned my wife with a sulphur compound; my young wife. She was unfaithful. I was a chemist.

    Eddie Kagle: What do you mean... 'was?'

    Chemist: Before they hanged me.

  • Eddie Kagle: [shoveling coal into the furnaces] How hot do they want it down here?

    Shoveler: Never gets hot enough to suit the boss. You think this is bad, wait till they stick you in them flame pits way down below.

    Eddie Kagle: You mean we ain't at bottom now?

    Shoveler: There ain't no bottom in this joint.

  • [last lines]

    Eddie Kagle: Well... so long. Funny, I never thought people's faces looked so good. Lots of other things I never noticed before. If I'd only known the first trip around what I know now...

    Nick: When I get you down below I'm going to take special pains with you. I'm going to introduce you to agonies undreamed of.

    Eddie Kagle: I don't think you'll be so tough.

    Nick: No?

    Eddie Kagle: No. Cause you know why? Cause you made a sap of yourself. You don't want your boys to know that. No big shot wants to look like a sucker before his own mob. Now if I was made a trustee...

    Nick: This is sheer unblushing blackmail!

    Eddie Kagle: You oughta know, brother. You oughta know.

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