Det. Lt. Lon McQ Quotes in McQ (1974)


Det. Lt. Lon McQ Quotes:

  • [McQ has just test-fired a MAC-10 submachine gun, and is putting it inside his leather bag. Jack, the gun shop owner reacts to this]

    Jack: You're not going to take it, are you?

    Det. Lt. Lon McQ: Just say it's a loan.

    Jack: Lon, it's not licensed!

    Det. Lt. Lon McQ: Jack, neither am I.

  • Manny Santiago: [speaking on a pay phone in the men's room] So, one less detective to worry about.

    [McQ grabs him from behind and puts him in a headlock]

    Det. Lt. Lon McQ: Yeah, one less detective to worry about! I got a message from Patty Samuels! He's sorry he blew it on McQ but he rang it up with Boyle!

  • Kosterman: Lon, I know you. I'm not gonna stand for you making up your own rules. You're not going to pull that Mickey Peters thing again!

    Det. Lt. Lon McQ: Peters was a hood and everybody knew it!

    Kosterman: Yeah, and you weren't satisfied with throwing him up on the roof! You had to go up there and throw him back down! Six months in the hospital! Four lawyers screaming about his civil rights!

    Det. Lt. Lon McQ: Well, it kept him off the streets, didn't it?

  • [McQ witnesses a robbery in which the crooks get away in a green and yellow laundry van. McQ chases the van in his Pontiac Firebird, roaring through back alleys and crowded civilian streets, and up the Interstate highway. He finally forces the van off the road, only to find that he has pulled over an empty, identical green and yellow laundry van from the same company]

    Det. Lt. Lon McQ: Who are you working for?

    Laundry Delivery Man: [horrified] I... I work for the laundry!

    Det. Lt. Lon McQ: Well, why'd you blast through those stop signs?

    Laundry Delivery Man: Well, the way you were chasing me, I thought you were some kind of... *nut!*

  • Det. Lt. Lon McQ: Elaine, I need $5000.

    Elaine: I hope it's for a woman.

  • Det. Lt. Lon McQ: [on the phone] Rosie, it's me. Did you get any more...

    [Rosie hangs up]

    Pinky: None of your snitches will help you now. They know you can't deal anymore.

    Det. Lt. Lon McQ: The hell I can't!

  • Police Officer: What happened?

    Det. Lt. Lon McQ: [after punching a radical who insulted him] He bumped into a chair.

  • Pinky: [as McQ fills out paperwork to become a PI] Kosterman's gonna be awful mad.

    Det. Lt. Lon McQ: [smiling broadly] Yeah...

  • Det. Lt. Lon McQ: [on the phone] J.C.? This is Lon. Can you talk?

    J.C.: Go.

    Det. Lt. Lon McQ: Has a new supply of junk hit the streets?

    J.C.: Not a thing, Lon.

    Det. Lt. Lon McQ: Let me know if it does.

    J.C.: Sure. What is it? What are you into?

    Det. Lt. Lon McQ: Don't ask. Just answer. It's best that way.

    [hangs up the phone]

  • [McQ's Pontiac has just been sandwiched and smashed between two semi trucks in an alley. The cops arrive and find McQ in the wreckage]

    Police Officer: How bad are you hurt?

    Det. Lt. Lon McQ: How the hell do I know? Get some foam on this thing! I'm up to my butt in gas!

  • Det. Lt. Lon McQ: [looking at the body of Toms, whom he has just shot. Sarcastically] Franklin Toms: Servant of the People.

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