Camille Quotes in Quantum of Solace (2008)


Camille Quotes:

  • Camille: [notices they are being followed] Friend of yours?

    James Bond: I don't have any friends.

  • Camille: You lost somebody?

    James Bond: I did.

    Camille: You catch who ever did it?

    James Bond: No, not yet.

    Camille: Tell me when you do, I'd like to know how it feels...

  • Camille: [Regarding Bond] There is something horribly efficient about you.

  • Camille: So, what's your interest in Greene?

    James Bond: Among other things, he tried to kill a friend of mine.

    Camille: A woman?

    James Bond: Yes. But it's not what you think.

    Camille: Your mother?

    James Bond: She likes to think so.

  • [Bond shows up for his rendezvous with Camille having just survived a knife-fight]

    Camille: You're late!

    James Bond: Got pulled into a meeting.

  • Camille: How much did he want?

    James Bond: He wanted you but I left the car as collateral. He'll get much more when he sells us out.

  • Camille: You sent someone to kill me?

    Dominic Greene: Please don't talk to me like I'm stupid... It's unattractive.

  • James Bond: My sources tell me you're Bolivian Secret Service. Or, used to be. I thought you'd infiltrated Greene's organization by having sex with him.

    Camille: That offends you?

    James Bond: No. Not the slightest.

  • Camille: We didn't settle on a price.

    James Bond: Make me an offer.

    Camille: We can work it out later.

  • Dominic Greene: Camille, how nice to see you.

    Camille: Alive, you mean.

    Dominic Greene: I knew we shouldn't have slept together. I think I'm starting to like you.

    Camille: So you did just try and have me killed.

    Dominic Greene: And that made me very sad.

  • Dominic Greene: Mr. Bond, what a pleasure. More careful with this one. She won't go to bed with you unless you give her something she really wants. Its a shame because she's really quite stunning once you get her on her back.

    Camille: I wish I could say the feeling was mutual.

  • Camille: So, its British Intelligence now. What the hell do you want from me?

    James Bond: You're going to show me Dominic Greene's Tierra Project. Are you up to it?

    Camille: Do I have a choice?

    James Bond: Do you want one?

  • Camille: Get in.

    James Bond: Are going to try and shoot me?

    Camille: I said, get in.

  • [John parachutes into a junkyard]

    John: Where is this?

    Camille: Earth. Welcome.

  • Camille: You boys ready to leave?

    Ferdie: I was ready to leave when he put the key in the front door to come in!

  • Camille: Are you a married man?

    Ferdie: No.

    Camille: Neither am I.

    [to Chuck]

    Camille: He's old enough, isn't he?

    Ferdie: Oh sure I'm old enough, I play games, I play post office.

    Camille: Post office? That's a kids' game.

    Ferdie: Not the way I play.

  • Camille: [after tasting the soup] Like mother used to make... It stinks!

  • Norma Lind: Somebody's trying to scare us out of this house.

    Dr. Duncan 'Doc' Jackson: Hey, what happened to those two detectives?

    Camille: Maybe they're

    [makes throat cutting noise]

  • Camille: You sure you never heard of me? Camille Brewster?

    Ferdie: No.

    Camille: You must have a cheap radio.

  • Camille: What's on him, a cobweb?

    Ferdie: It ain't a wedding veil.

  • Camille: What a tonsil.


    Camille: What a tonsil!

  • Ferdie: When I said gone with the wind, I should've said never the twain shall meet.

    Camille: What twain?

    Ferdie: The twain on twack twee.

  • Camille: [Chip told her to knock it off] You knock it off, Chip! You're penis cheese!

  • Camille: Hey, David, it's Camille. You know, when Dostoevsky was writing The Gambler, he signed a contract with his publisher saying that he would finish it in twenty-six days, and he did it, but he had the help of this young stenographer. This girl, she... she stayed with him and she helped him. And... afterwards they actually got married. Ha, isn't that cool? That's how he met his wife. Anyway I found this story in the preface for Crime and Punishment so I was thinking that... and, this would have to be between you and me, but... I was thinking that I could read the books and tell you what's going on and that way you could just focus on your music. But only if you're comfortable with this, and if you're not then you can just forget it, and you can quit, but if you are... then open this door.

    David: Open... this door?

    [crawls to his front door and opens it]

    Camille: Okay, a deal's a deal.

    David: Does this mean we're getting married?

    Camille: I have a lot of reading to do...

    Camille: Hi, I'm Camille.

    David: Hi, I'm David.

  • Camille: Guess what she bought for us? Cap'n Crunch. Peanut Butter Cap'n Cunch. I told you she liked us.

    Camille: [takes bite of cereal]

    Tyler Gage: Let me get a bite of that?

    Camille: Okay. One bite, just one bite.

    [Tyler takes the bowl and has a huge bite]

    Camille: That's the biggest bite I've ever seen! Come on! Give it back!

    Tyler Gage: [Tyler takes another bite]

    Camille: Get your own! I spit on that spoon!

    [Tyler pushes it back]

    Camille: Oh yeah, now you give it back.

  • Camille: Are you going to jail?

    Tyler Gage: No, I'm not going to jail. But they will have to take me to jail if you don't start knocking. Get out of here.

  • [last lines]

    Camille: There's nothing more depressingly calm than a Sunday afternoon.

  • Bob Valenz: Uh, excuse me. I-I owe you an apology.

    Camille: Yes. You do.

    Bob Valenz: Yea. Well, see...

    Camille: Accepted.

  • Camille: She answered a kind of wordless question in me.

  • Petra: I love your sex. I love your wisdom and... the way you say "switcheroo." I love that sadness that you get in your eyes sometimes. And other stuff.

    Camille: But?

    Petra: But, we might be leaving tomorrow, and I can't stay and you can't leave.

  • Petra: So my name's Petra by the way.

    Camille: Oh yeah, I saw that on your card. And mine is Camille...

    Petra: Camille, that's nice, I like it, it's like "C'mere." It's nice.

  • Martin: And these things pass.

    Camille: What things?

    Martin: These... passing things.

  • Board President: So, we've covered abortion, church and state, predestination, drug abuse, prostitution - ah, yes, homosexuality. How do you approach the homosexuality problem, Camille?

    Camille: Well, um, I'm not really sure I'd consider it a problem.

    Martin: I like what you said over at Tom's, Camille said that it's important to love the sinner but hate the sin, so that you're allowed to feel the desire but not act on that desire.

    Camille: Well, in hetero - in retro-spect, sorry - I've come to think that there's a lot of room for multiciplicity in God's creation.

    Reverend DeBoer: You are aware that that is contrary to doctrine in this matter.

    Camille: God... God cannot be so cruel as to decree that people like... like that can never, ever be contented. I mean, one's devotions are not entirely chosen.

  • Reverend DeBoer: Yes, I think we have been guilty of homophobic cruelty, and, excluded people like you, in the past.

    Camille: People like me.

  • Camille: Listen, I love to look at you. I love to talk to you. I love you openess, I love what you do, I love... I love you.

    Petra: Everything gets ordinary, eventually.

    Camille: Ordinary with you would be... wild.

  • Camille: I want to go away with you.

    Petra: What would you do in a circus?

    Camille: I have a few ideas.

    Petra: I'm outgoing. You're not.

    Camille: I can be outgoing.

    Petra: I smoke pot.

    Camille: I drink... cherry brandy.

  • Petra: Are you ashamed of me? Am I your dirty little secret?

    Camille: Petra, I just don't like being laughed at.

    Petra: Oh, really? Well, aren't you cute? Hey, good luck sweetheart, because here are some of the kindest people in the world, Camille. If you can't handle a little fun here, what are you going to do when the real mean fuckers of the world start laughing at you? 'Cause they will, you know. They'll be using it against you and they'll be laughing up a storm, Camille.

    Camille: Not if you show it with a little dignity.

    Petra: Dignity? What could be more dignified than dancing with the person I adore?

  • Camille: Well, don't people like you just have friends, sometimes?

    Petra: Yes, 'people like me' do.

    Camille: And, why couldn't I be one?

    Petra: I'm attracted to you, Camille.

    Camille: It's ok, it's ok. We're not animals, we don't always have to act on our attractions.

    Petra: What would we do, as friends?

    Camille: Have fun.

    Petra: Fun - sounds like a buddy movie.

    Camille: Yes, exactly. Like Thelma and Louise. But... without the guns.

    Petra: Oh, well, no guns, I don't know...

  • Sullivan: Camille, you know how tough it is to sleep without you, not to see you when I wake up? I can't live without you.

    Camille: Yeah, right.

    Sullivan: It sucks you never believe me.

  • Camille: Love is all I care about. It's all I live for.

    La mère de Camille: Spare me.

  • Camille: Let's go pick our room.

    Sullivan: Not bad. Perfect.

    Camille: It's the kids' room. Why not take one that's more spacious?

    Sullivan: To avoid searching for you in the bed.

  • Camille: Hurry up. I want you.

    Sullivan: Sex. Always sex - the only thing you care about. Wouldn't you rather read for a change?

    Camille: We have all of our life to be serious. Let's make the most of our youth.

    Sullivan: Whatever you say.

  • Camille: I don't want you to go. What will I do without you?

    Sullivan: You can't put everything on my shoulder. You have to live your life as well.

  • Camille: [quoting from W.E.B. Du Bois' "Of the Training of Black Men"] Herein the longing of black men must have respect: the rich and bitter depth of their experience, the unknown treasures of their inner life, the strange rendings of nature they have seen, may give the world new points of view and make their loving, living, and doing precious to all human hearts. And to themselves in these the days that try their souls the chance to soar in the dim blue air above the smoke is to their finer spirits boon and guerdon for what they lose on earth by being black.

  • Camille: If you think you can park me out here, while you go in and flirt with some dizzy little bank clerk, you're crazy.

    Romer Sheffield: I'm crazy!

  • Camille: [In response to Lisa's threats with the incriminating photos and refusing Will's family money] It doesn't matter what you think have on us, we will always be two steps ahead of you.

    Annabel: You're Britney. And she's the Madonna.

  • Will LaSalle: [In response to Lisa's analysis of the group] Very Cute.

    Lisa: Well I've been around you know. I have seen all the skeletons in your closets. Probably even the ones you hide from each other.

    Camille: [sternly as she looks up] Okay that's enough.

  • Casting Director: [Following the end of Camille's song note] Thank you! We'll let you know.

    Camille: Do you guys want me to do the scene?

    Casting Director: No it's alright we have quite a few girls to go through today. Thank you for coming in.

    Camille: I was up all night practicing.

    Casting Director: I'm sure you were. Everybody does. I've just seen enough.

    Camille: [after picking up her bag and jacket from the piano tableside] I'm not going to hear from you.

    Casting Director: Probably not.

    Camille: Do you mind me asking what I did wrong?

    Casting Director: [Frustratingly sighing] Okay, first off your song choice.

    Camille: I thought it was original.

    Casting Director: I bet you did and so did five other girls this morning. Even if you did sing it the best.

    Camille: [confused] Okay, so what's the problem?

    Casting Director: To be brutally honest with you, you are a nobody. Right now broadway is hemorrhaging money, name recognition is all that matters, and you are a... chorus girl at best. We need a star. Not another dime a dozen socialite.

    Camille: Why did you agree to see me?

    Casting Director: Apparently, your fiancé is very well connected and someone called in a favor and is wasting my time.

    Camille: [upset] Thank you.

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