Augusta Quotes in Murmur of the Heart (1971)


Augusta Quotes:

  • Augusta: What's this? Leave that child alone, you shameless slut!

  • Moses: Something about you makes me wanna... sit down.

    Augusta: Then why you come like you want a war?

    Moses: I don't know how to stop.

  • Augusta: [about burying Bill with the Union soldiers] Don't think he should go in the same place as them.

    Mad: Don't worry. They aint goin' to the same place.

  • [first lines]

    Louise: Heard you shoot. What was it?

    Augusta: Somethin' small n' fast.

    Louise: Rabbit?

    Augusta: Maybe. I don't know if it was even really there. Once that gun goes off, everythin' livin' is gone.

    Louise: Why's it so hard when the only thing there is you and the rabbit?

    Mad: [serving up stew] The wood is big and the rabbit's small.

  • Augusta: Go change and come back to work.

    Louise: She's the nigger, she should do it.

    Augusta: Like I told you, Louise: We all niggers now.

  • Augusta: [sitting in the keeping room] What if all the men kill all the other men? What if it's the end of the world and we're the last ones left?

    Mad: It aint the end of the world.

    Augusta: Think 'bout all the women sittin' in their houses - were supposed to be taken, but aint. Learned to shoot a gun 'fore they learned to bed. Learned to be men instead of a wife.

  • Augusta: You followed me?

    Moses: Yeah, I did.

    Augusta: Why didn't you kill me with Caleb and that woman?

    Moses: I wanted to keep you for a while.

  • Moses: [agonizing with his wound] You know how many battles I fought in?

    Augusta: [holding her gun on him] Don't seem like many, easy as you went down.

  • Augusta: You don't look like the type to stay in one place for too long...

    Vance: Yeah? I never had the urge.

  • Nicoline: There was this girl named Rose who got problems with her biology teacher. He was this bachelor who always smell of sweat and had bad breath. He was one hell of a weirdo. Just the name: Gerluf Løvholm. One day he asked Rose to stay after class and then he told her that he loved her. She couldn't use that to anything. She told it to a friend and then the rumour was quickly spread around the school. And Løvholm was furious. He knew it only could come from one person. So he started to bug her in class, stalked her on the street and kept telling her that he loved her. But then it totally got out of hand. She was supposed to help him carrying some books after school. Then he raped her!

    Augusta: Oh no...

    Nicoline: It all ended with police and court, but he got free because his defence showed that Rose wanted it all. That made her break down psychologically. But something more happened...

    [flashbacks show some masked people, all carrying weapons, walking down a hall]

    Nicoline: Everybody meant Løvholm was guilty, but the court had let him go, so the school didn't fire him. An afternoon, some of Roses closest friends got together

    [the masked people traps a shocked Løvholm in a corner]

    Nicoline: They all knew when Løvholm had his last class. They attacked him in a empty classroom. He tried to run away and yell for help, but the school building was empty, just like the day he raped Rose.

    [Løvholm gets stabbed to death]

    Nicoline: Her friends remembered him of that when they killed him...

  • Augusta: But why is everything so weird...?

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