Antwone "Ant" Swann Quotes in ATL (2006)


Antwone "Ant" Swann Quotes:

  • Marcus: Any kids?

    Antwone "Ant" Swann: None that I know of.

    Marcus: You doing somethin'?

    Antwone "Ant" Swann: I'm doing a li'l somethin'.

    Marcus: Boy, you ain't doin' nothin', boy! What's your last place of employment, youngblood?

    Antwone "Ant" Swann: Cleaning.

    Marcus: Cleaning? Looks like Swann Cleaning Service 'bout to lose an employee.

    Marcus: You wanna work, right?

    Antwone "Ant" Swann: Yeah.

    Marcus: But you know this is grown-man business, right?

    Antwone "Ant" Swann: I know.

    Marcus: You sure?

    Antwone "Ant" Swann: Uh-huh.

    Marcus: Okay. We'll see.

  • Austin: This is Ant.

    Antwone "Ant" Swann: [extends hand] Sup?

    Marcus: [extends fist for pound] Germs. Cleanliness is next godliness, right?

    Antwone "Ant" Swann: Aight.

    Marcus: Back up.

  • Antwone "Ant" Swann: What you hustlin'?

    Rashad: You know better than that.

  • Jay: [whispers] I heard you holding that!

    Antwone "Ant" Swann: Man, who told you you that?

    Jay: You trying to act like I haven't known you since the third grade.

    Antwone "Ant" Swann: Yeah, but you've been out of school for four weeks.

    Jay: Man, I had mono. So what's up? You holding, or what?

    Antwone "Ant" Swann: [pauses] Naw.

    Jay: Aight, that's whats up.

    Antwone "Ant" Swann: [walks down the stairs; whispers to his friends] Narc.

  • Antwone "Ant" Swann: Fine, be that way! That's why you need a timing belt, bitch!

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