Zukovsky Quotes in The World Is Not Enough (1999)


Zukovsky Quotes:

  • James Bond: What business do you have with Elektra King?

    Zukovsky: I thought it was *you* who was giving her the business.

  • [Zukovzky fixes the "Zukovsky's Finest" logo on his office door]

    Zukovsky: There's nothing in this place straight.

    [Zukovsky opens the door and is shocked to see Christmas sitting on a couch in his office]

    Zukovsky: Who are you, and how did you get in? I'll call security and congratulate them. Drink?

    [the office door moves back, and Bond appears holding a guy at gunpoint]

    Zukovsky: Can't you just say a hello, like a normal person.

    James Bond: [to guy] Get lost.

    [the guy heads moves towards the door, and Bond grabs him by the shirt collar]

    James Bond: [to guy] No, no, no, no, no. Down the back!

    [to Zukovsky]

    James Bond: What's your business with Elektra King?

    Zukovsky: I thought you were the one giving her the business.

    [Bond points his gun at Zukovsky and walks towards him. Zukovsky walks backwards towards the wall]

    James Bond: She drops a million dollars in your casino and you don't even blink an eye! What's she paying you off for?

    Zukovsky: [to Chistmas] You know, if I were you, a relationship with a man like that, I wouldn't bet on it.

    [Bond tackles Zukovsky and shoves him back into a wall-mounted shelf full of caviar. At that moment, the sound of helicopters surround the skies over the caviar factory]

    Zukovsky: Five thousand dollars of Beluga, ruined!

    James Bond: That's nothing compared to what a twenty megaton nuclear bomb can do!

    Zukovsky: What are you talking about?

    Dr. Christmas Jones: We had a nuclear bomb stolen this morning!

    James Bond: Renard and Elektra King are working together!

    Zukovsky: I didn't know!

    James Bond: Well what do you know?

  • [Bull is shot to see Zukovsky survived the explosion at the safehouse]

    Bull: Boss? You're alive! I'm so glad to see you!

    Zukovsky: Me too!

    [Shoots Bull]

  • Zukovsky: I'm looking for a submarine. It's big and black, and the driver is a very good friend of mine.

    Zukovsky: [sees captain hat] Bring it to me!

    Elektra King: [takes hat] What a shame, he's just gone.

    [Shoots Zukovsky]

  • Zukovsky: Oh, look. We have no roof, but at least we have four good walls.

    [the factory falls apart]

    Zukovsky: The insurance company is NEVER going to believe this!

  • Zukovsky: Can't you just say "hello" like a normal person?

  • [Zukovsky enters his office, sees Christmas Jones]

    Zukovsky: How did you get in here? I'm going to call Security... and congratulate them.

  • [Bond finds Zukovsky, Bull, and two women in the casino office]

    Zukovsky: Bull, give them an inch.

    [Bull gives each woman an inch-thick stack of cash, and the three of them start to leave]

    Zukovsky: Make sure they lose it in this casino, huh?

    Bull: I'll see you later, Mr. Bond.

    [Bond sees that Bull has a mouthful of gold teeth]

    Bond: I see you put your money where your mouth is.

    Zukovsky: Mr. Bullion does not trust banks.

  • Zukovsky: Bond! James Bond! Meet Nina and Verushka.

    James Bond: Loose the girls, Valentin. We need to talk.

  • Zukovsky: So, what's it to be? Vingt et un? Blackjack? You're father's favorite?

    Elektra King: Let's keep it simple. One card. High draw. A million dollars.

  • Zukovsky: [to Bull] You! Where have you been, you gold encrusted buffoon?

    Bull: Sorry, boss, I must have bumped my head.

    Zukovsky: Oh, really? Get me out of here. I'll show you what a bumped head feels like.

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