Zimmerman Quotes in Sgt. Bilko (1996)


Zimmerman Quotes:

  • Bilko: Hello, soldiers.

    [they look around]

    Bilko: I'm talking to you. Because that's what you are, really, soldiers. Every last one you with a couple of exceptions.

    Paparelli: [whispering] He's got a plan.

    Fender: [whispering] He sure does.

    Bilko: I'm going to tell you a little story. There once was a little boy, and that little boy had a dream to run one of the most sophistocated, illegal gaming operations the United States Army has ever seen.

    Zimmerman: [whispering] He's not worried.

    Morales: [whispering] Not a bit.

    Bilko: And that little boy's dream came true... but now,they're trying to snatch that dream *back* from him.

    Zimmerman: [whispering] He's worried.

    Morales: [whispering] It's not good.

    Bilko: But what are the last two letters in the name Bilko? K-O! Of course the first few letters are B-I-L, which is meaningless. But still, am I giving up? No! Never! Well kind of, but not really, because there is *no way* I'm going to Greenland. Well, you are probably wondering if I have a plan. Well, of course I have a plan! A P-L-A-N - plan!

    [spells "PALN" on the chalkboard]

    Bilko: But, ha ha ha.

    [begins crying]

    Paparelli: [whispering] He's got no plan.

    Morales: [whispering] We're screwed.

    Wally: I have a plan, Sarge.

    Bilko: But maybe, a plan is not what I really need. what I really need,

    [gets down on knees]

    Bilko: is just a little puppy.

    [crying and interacting with an imaginary puppy]

    Bilko: A little puppy with big brown eyes, who would just come to me and lick my face, and just love me so much no matter what kind of person I am.

  • Zimmerman: Tevis has no respect for the dead.

    Vinnie Holt: And he just loves the living?

  • Zimmerman: [referring to Vin] Keep away from her!

    Tevis: Why, I ain't been cured of women. Ain't had your medicine, Jim.

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