Zimmer Quotes in Crimson Tide (1995)


Zimmer Quotes:

  • Peter "Weps" Ince: Okay. What's going on?

    Zimmer: We're not going to let this go down with the X-O and Helm.

    Peter "Weps" Ince: We're not?

    Zimmer: No. We're not?

    Lt. Bobby Dougherty: We've been following the captain for years, and now this asshole Hunter shows up, and we're supposed to follow him because he said so?

    Peter "Weps" Ince: You're not supposed to, you were ordered to. That's what this is about, proper orders.

    Lt. Bobby Dougherty: Proper Orders? He has proper orders, he won't act on them

    Peter "Weps" Ince: He's in command now! If they order him to launch, we'll launch, and we'll blow 'em all to hell. But, I rather go down myself then get this one wrong.

    Lt. Darik Westergard: Weps. Our procedures are clear. In the absence of a contravening order and in a situation like this, we follow the orders in hand.

    Zimmer: That's right. You know how many checks that we have to go through to make sure that a message is authentic? The X-O agreed to those orders, now he just wants to throw them away they don't count?

    Lt. Bobby Dougherty: He's lost his nerve.

    Peter "Weps" Ince: Bullshit! I know this guy Bobby!

    Lt. Darik Westergard: Weps. We're prepared for launch. How can we just sit here and do nothing when they're prepared to launch at us?

    Peter "Weps" Ince: Well, we don't know that for sure that's the whole point. That is why he needs time to confirm the message.

    Zimmer: That's the whole fuckin' point is that we don't got time! Radchenko is fueling his birds and why do you think he's doing that? Huh? Why? Because you don't put on a condom until you're gonna fuck!

  • Zimmer: You don't put on a condom unless you're gonna fuck!

  • Zimmer: This is a mutiny, Peter. There's only two sides to a mutiny.

  • Hunter: [over the intercom] Radio, X-O. Mr. Zimmer, get those communication systems back online now.

    Zimmer: [over the intercom] We're working on it sir.

    [to himself]

    Zimmer: Aye, aye, Captain.

    Vossler: Are we ready?

    Zimmer: Yeah, we're ready. Go.

    [sparks fly when Vossler touches the circuit board with his soldering iron]

    Vossler: Oh fuck.

    Zimmer: The system crashed, the radio buoy got severed, what the fuck does he want us to do?

    Vossler: Shit electrons?

    Zimmer: Hey, we need this radio repaired. Not smart-ass remarks.

  • Zimmer: I think you broke my arm.

    Scott: [slams his arm against the side of a dumpster] Now it's broken.

  • Zimmer: I love ya Babe, but the season's over.

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