Zigzag Quotes in The Thief and the Cobbler (1993)


Zigzag Quotes:

  • Zigzag: [as he is being eaten by crocodiles] Ow, my bottom! Ow, my top! Greedys, don't you ever stop?

  • Zigzag: O Great King Nod, have no fear. Zigzag, your grand vizier is here!

    King Nod: [wakes up] What, what?


    King Nod: Oh, it's *you*... Zigzag!

  • Mighty One-Eye: [Zigzag presnts himself before the One-Eye] Sorceror!

    Zigzag: I conjure demons, and charm beasts! And birds of prey, too! Phido!

    [makes Phido go through hoops]

    Zigzag: But as you see, that's not all I can do! Haha! Hee-hee! I have power over people, too, though they may appear complex. For me... they fall like playing cards... and I control the decks!

    [brandishes deck of cards with tricks but they slip up]

    Zigzag: Ah! Eh-heh! Ho ho! Ah! Hee-hee! But all this is nothing for now in my hand is the very key to the Golden land, for no man can take it, no matter how great, unless he possesses these three balls

    [presents balls]

    Zigzag: OF FATE!

    Mighty One-Eye: You say you can charm beasts?

    [laughs to himself]


  • Princess Yum Yum: [referring to Tack] *Who* is this?

    Zigzag: O Greatest King of all the Earth, this lowball

    [uses cane to stop Tack from walking off]

    Zigzag: cobbler of no worth, attacked me in the square today! Shall we take his head away?

    King Nod: [waking up] What? No, no, if you really think so, Zigzag.

    Princess Yum Yum: But what has he done?

    Zigzag: [takes tack from Tack's mouth] A*ttacked* me!

    Princess Yum Yum: *Really*?

    Zigzag: [hisses] Yes!

  • Zigzag: The camp of the One-Eyes... how very nice! Perhaps *they'll* be willing to pay my price! I'll have those barbarians kissing my feet!

    [to Phido]

    Zigzag: And maybe, we'll find you something to eat... eh, Phido?

  • Zigzag: [Tack has tripped him] Ooh-ow! You great fool!

  • King Nod: [wakes up] AAAH! WHAT IF THE BALLS ARE TAKEN AWAY?

    Zigzag: A *way* has never been found to take them away! What freak of nature could ever ever get up to the top of that minaret?

    [Thief is shown actually going *over* minaret]

  • Phido the Vulture: [flying into the pit] Heeeeere's Phido!

    Zigzag: [saddened that Phido wants to eat him] You too, Phido?... Man's best friend.

    Zigzag: [dying] For Zig Zag then... This is... THE END

  • Zigzag: To please King Nod, beloved by all, commence the game; in short: PLAY BALL!

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