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Zia Quotes:

  • Zia: They went to the North Pole or whatever the place Nanuk is from is called. He wanted to meet her family and get into that throat singing, saw playing, weird instruments, and all that stuff. It's good that he's back into music, I think. And me? I think I finally understand what Kneller was trying to say.It only happens if it doesn't matter. It comes without effort. Maybe Eugene's right. Maybe I only get stuck on girls I don't have a chance of being with. I am glad for Mikal, though. I hope she got her visa all straightened out. I mean, she did say she'd be right back. Then again, Eugene's old wisdom is when a girl says that, she never does actually come back.

  • Eugene: I'm not sitting in the back.

    Zia: Why not?

    Eugene: 'Cause everybody knows guy in the back seat doesn't have a cock.

    Zia: What?

    Eugene: That's a fact. If the guy in the backseat had a cock, he wouldn't be back there in the first place.

    [Mikal scroffs]

    Zia: Well, I... I mean, I got a cock man. So, how can... I'm not... Mik, do you have a cock?

    Mikal: Yeah, I have a cock.

    Zia: Wut?

    Mikal: Big fat one.

    [cut to the shot in which Eugene is sitting in between Zia and Mikal in front]

  • Zia: Being here with you reminds me of what I was like before my suicide.

    Mikal: What were you like?

    Zia: I was happy...

  • Zia: I think she cried at my funeral, I don't mean to brag about it or anything, but I'm pretty sure she did. Sometimes I can picture her talking to some guy she feels really close to, about how they lowered me into the grave all pathetic and shriveled up like a melted chocolate bar, and how we never actually got a chance. Then the guy fucks her real nice, fuck it's all about making her feel better.

  • Eugene: Let me put this way. Since you got here, how many times did you get laid, man?

    Zia: Why?

    Eugene: Just a question.

    Zia: Actually laid?

    Eugene: Yes.

    Zia: None, I think.

    Eugene: You think?

    Zia: None! But what's that got to do with any of this?

    Eugene: Plenty. 'Cause your sperm count is so high, you think you're having an out of body experience like nobody in the fucking universe, man.

  • Zia: Listen, you know what? Forget Desiree. I got another reason for you to go.

    Eugene: Give it shot.

    Zia: You got anything better to do?

  • Zia: I'm not going out tonight. It just makes me depressed.

    Eugene: So, what you gonna do? Kill yourself?

  • Zia: [to Kneller] His headlights were broken for ages, and she fixed them just by touching a button.

  • Zia: [thinking] Who could think of a better punishment really? Everything's the same here, it's just a little worse.

  • Zia: I was missing Desiree.

  • Zia: [narrating] I've thought about suicide again, but I haven't tried it. I didn't want to end up in a bigger shit hole than this one.

  • Eugene: I live with my patents and my kid brother Kostya.

    Zia: You're fucking with me.

    Eugene: I'm not fucking with you.

    Zia: I've never heard of a whole family here before.

    Eugene: Mom... offed because she was missing Russia a lot. And my father, he just didn't feel like going on without her. But, what really did it for him was my little brother turning out to be gay.

    Zia: And your kid brother?

    Eugene: Kostya?

    Zia: Kost... ya.

    Eugene: I guess, he had it in his genes, man.

  • Zia: You know you're crazy, right?

    Priya R. Sethi: Hm.

    Zia: What if this guy turns out to be from a bad family and kidnaps you and makes you clean their toilets and, like, clean their dirty cats and all?

    Priya R. Sethi: Then he's in real trouble. I'm not a good cleaner.

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