Zete Quotes in Battlefield Earth (2000)


Zete Quotes:

  • [looking at an overhead photo of a convertible car, with a man driving and a dog in the back seat]

    Zete: What is this species?

    Terl: Well, according to the Clinko historians, the species is called "dog."

    Zete: Dog?

    Terl: Yes.

    Zete: Obviously the superior race, having the man-animal chauffeur it around.

  • Zete: Home office is well aware of your academic achievements and obvious talents. That's why we decided not to keep you here for another 5 cycles.

    [Terl laughs in relief]

    Ker: [joining in the laughter] It's a joke!

    Terl: Oh, thank you sir. I don't know if I could have kept my sanity to be here another 5 cycles.

    Zete: We've decided to keep you here for another 50 cycles! With endless options for renewal!

    [echoing as the camera zooms in on Terl]

    Zete: With endless options for renewal! With endless options for renewal!

    [Zete laughs maniacally. Sound fades out, slow motion as Terl looks at Zete and the Planetship and his assistant laughing and sneering at him]

    Zete: [echo effect] Those options, of course...

    [echo ends]

    Zete: Those options, of course, being at home office's discretion, not yours. The senator... has a lot of friends.


    Zete: Has a lot of friends.

  • Terl: It is a pleasure to see you, your excellency, and I would be honored to expedite your clearance through security.

    Zete: Please, call me Zete. Does all of Earth look like this?

    Terl: Oh, I'm afraid so, sir.

    Zete: Pathetic. All the green and the blue sky. They told me this planet was ugly, but this has got to be one of the ugliest crap holes in the entire universe.

    Terl: I couldn't agree with you more.

    Zete: I hate these puny undersized planets. The gravity is so... different.

    Terl: Well, one does get used to it.

    Zete: And the human animals, grossly undersized.

    Ker: They don't make very good eating, your excellency.

  • Terl: Would you please tell the senator that if I had even an inkling that that was his daughter...

    Zete: Watch your tongue! The senator's exact words to me were, and I'm quoting; that blasted Terl tries to talk his way out of it, have him vaporized on the spot. But cheer up, there's one bright side to this. One day you're going to die, and when you end up in Hell, at least it'll be a step up from this place.

    [he laughs maniacally]

  • Zete: Once we've finished mining out this miserable little planet, let's do the universe a favor, let's exterminate the lot of them!

    Terl: [chortles sycophantically] Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho! Oh, you're too much!

    Zete: So they tell me.

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