Zeebad Quotes in Doogal (2006)


Zeebad Quotes:

  • Zeebad: You know there can only be one spring to rule them all. And I am the Lord of the Springs!

  • Zeebad: Some animals WILL be harmed in this picture!

  • Zeebad: Here we go. Mens room, food court... ah, booby trap filled lobby.

    Soldier Sam: Well that's not very nice, someone could get hurt here.

  • Soldier Sam: I'll go ahead sir, I have a sixth sense for danger.

    [activates trap]

    Zeebad: Yes, and you almost lost senses three through five.

  • Zeebad: Dispose of the prisoner!

    Soldier Sam: Cant't do that sir, Geneva Convention.

    Zeebad: I don't care if it's a Star Trek convention, BEAM HIM OFF!

  • [first lines]

    [Zebedee is running from Zeebad and is caught]

    Zeebad: So long Zebedee! Heh heh!

    [Zebedee falls off a cliff]

    Zebedee: Zeebad!

    [... ]

    Zebedee: Oh, only a bad dream.

  • Zeebad: Help me help you help the girl!

  • Soldier Sam: Er, can I ask about holidays?

    Zeebad: Three weeks in summer.

    Soldier Sam: Very generous, sir.

    Zeebad: Not that it will ever be summer again...

  • Zeebad: [giving advice on evil laughter] No Sam, it's all in the back of the throat.

  • Dougal: You're a despicable fiend!

    Zeebad: I know.


    Zeebad: It's a gift, really. Compassion is such a weakness.

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