Zane Cooper Quotes in Maverick (1994)


Zane Cooper Quotes:

  • Annabelle: Well look at this. Here's a lot of money and your gun is six feet away.

    Zane CooperMaverick: Eight.

    Annabelle: What a remarkable family.

    Maverick: How'd she - how'd she figure that?

    Annabelle: Well, you all don't have the exclusive on tells! You both have the same height, the same build, you both talk the same, you both kiss the same, you both draw your guns the same, and you both sing the same wrong words to 'Amazing Grace'.

    Zane CooperMaverick: Do not.

  • Annabelle: How'd you know I was bluffing? I didn't do any of my tells. I didn't shuffle my cards, I didn't pull my hair, I didn't even flick my teeth.

    Maverick: You held your breath. If you'd been excited, you would have started breathing harder.

    Annabelle: I did not.

    [Looks at the Commodore]

    Annabelle: Did I?

    [Commodore nods]

    Annabelle: [Annabelle looks at Angel] Did I?

    [Angel nods]

    Annabelle: [Annabelle looks at the dealer] Did I?

    [the dealer nods]

    Annabelle: Well, I'll just pretend I was playin' with someone else's money.

    Maverick: That shouldn't be too hard.

    [Annabelle gets up. Cooper leans toward her]

    Zane Cooper: [whispering] You did hold your breath, ma'am.

  • Zane Cooper: Well, Bret, you know what we ended up with? A half a million dollar silk shirt.

    Maverick: Nope, we ended up with a quarter million dollar silk shirt, because my old pappy always used to say "Don't put the chicken in front of"... no, wait "Never cut the cards before"... no, wait, "Don't put all you eggs in one basket".

    Zane Cooper: Now that, I said.

  • Zane Cooper: Oh, I suppose somebody ought to say something nice about the deceased.

    Annabelle: How do you know he was nice? We don't know anything about him. The only thing he's got in his wallet is a bunch of names of whorehouses.

  • Maverick: My old pappy always used to say, "there is no more deeply satisfying religious experience... than cheatin' on a cheater."

    Zane Cooper: I never said that once. You've been misquoting me all your life.

    Maverick: What, we're going to quibble over fine points?

    Zane Cooper: You never even get close. Give me some credit.

  • Maverick: I don't know why I kept the rest of the money in the satchel, though.

    Zane Cooper: I do.

    Maverick: So do I. Sure will be a whole lot of fun getting it back.

  • Zane Cooper: [guns are contraband and Zane catches a couple with a pistol] I'm sorry, ma'am, but these aren't allowed.

    Couple with Concealed Guns: Oh, that's my gun!

    Zane Cooper: Oh, yours? Well, do you swim?

    Couple with Concealed Guns: Swim... uh, no, but she does, and it's her gun!

    Zane Cooper: Oh, hers?

    Couple with Concealed Guns: Just holding it for her!

    Couple with Concealed Guns: I can't believe you!

  • Zane Cooper: [about to club the Commodore over the head with a branch] I've never committed a cold blooded murder in my life...

    [stops and drops the branch]

    Zane Cooper: ...and I won't. Not till I find Maverick.

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