Zaltar Quotes in Supergirl (1984)


Zaltar Quotes:

  • Kara: [about Zaltar's creative illusion] Oh, it is beautiful. What's that gonna be, Zaltar?

    Zaltar: I think, a tree.

    Kara: A tree. What is a tree?

    Zaltar: A lovely thing which grows on Earth.

    Kara: Earth? You mean where my cousin went?

    Zaltar: And to where one day soon perhaps I might venture as well.

    Kara: I don't believe you. How?

    Zaltar: In that.

    [points to a transportation device]

    Zaltar: Through there.

    [points to the Binary Chute]

    Kara: The Binary Chute? But you could never survive the pressure. It would destroy you...

    Zaltar: [interrupting] That I can, zip zap, and I'm gone.

    Kara: But you'd never leave us, Zaltar. You'd never leave Argo City.

    Zaltar: Indeed I might, Kara. Too much of a good thing here. Perhaps I'll try Saturn instead. Yes, I think I might.

    Kara: Saturn is... Is that further away than Earth?

    Zaltar: Silly question. Did you not study sixth-dimensional geometry at school? Do they not teach you anything anymore?

    Kara: Well, of course they do. Uh, I know the equations. Uh - I just can't see them in my head.

    Zaltar: Most great artists find mathematics troublesome, Kara. Only use your imagination. Saturn and Earth are in outer space, but we - we are in inner space.

  • [as Kara goes through the Binary Chute]

    Alura: She'll be killed.

    Zaltar: Oh, no, she won't. She will be safe. Through the binary. Through the warp. Into another register.

    Zor-El: Another what?

    Zaltar: Gravitational radiation. A pathway from inner space to outer space.

    Alura: Then she'll never be the same, ever.

    Zor-El: At least she'll be alive.

    Zaltar: And my fate is sealed. I've lost the Omegahedron. I must be sent to the Phantom Zone. Your suffering will be short. Mine... forever.

  • Supergirl: Earth, Zaltar. A tree, a horse. You keep making things from Earth.

    Zaltar: The place intrigues me.

    Supergirl: Then let's go there.

    Zaltar: Certainly. When is the next train?

    Supergirl: What is a train?

    Zaltar: [laughing]

    Supergirl: What's so funny? Don't laugh at me, Zaltar.

    Zaltar: I'm only laughing at myself. For you I weep.

  • Supergirl: I can't. I can't

    Zaltar: You can. On, girl.

  • Kara: [in response to Zaltar's pessimism about escaping the Phantom Zone] You're right. You're absolutely right. There is enough doom and gloom in the air already. And, it is better to accept defeat than to take a chance and try like fools to redeem ourselves, and save our city and all those who we love there, plus all the people on earth that this wicked sorceress is going to make suffer, just because of us - cheaters.

    [raises nozzle in mock toast]

    Zaltar: We could die trying.

    Kara: We won't. We won't. Come on!

    [exits Zaltar's domicile up stairway]

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