Zakk Quotes in Deathgasm (2015)


Zakk Quotes:

  • Abigail: The possessed bodies, they kill all in their path in preparation for Aeloth's ascension on the next blood moon. On the Devil's hour.

    Brodie: Oh shit, the moon is red tonight. When is the Devil's hour?

    Abigail: Three AM.

    Zakk: Three AM Pacific or Eastern time? Do demons recognize daylight savings?

  • Zakk: I bags that record.

    Brodie: Dude, that's low.

    Zakk: I can go much lower.

  • Brodie: Does anybody want anything from the shop?

    Zakk: Condoms, Vaseline, jumper cables, and ammonium nitrate.

    Brodie: I don't think they sell that combination of things.

  • Medina: Are you stealing petrol?

    Zakk: No. I'm stealing diesel.

    Medina: Well don't you feel guilty?

    Zakk: No.

  • Brodie: When is the devil's hour?

    Abigail: 3 a.m.

    Zakk: Wait. 3 a.m. Pacific or Eastern Time? Do demons recognize daylight savings?

  • Zakk: Hey man, you wanna do something crazy?

    Brodie: It's not role-playing, is it?

    Zakk: What the fuck is role-playing?

  • Brodie: Okay, I don't want to know what you think fourth base is.

    Zakk: No, I don't.

  • Zakk: Got it! "dethgasm" All spelt in capitals. Lower case is for pussies.

    Brodie: Cool. What about...

    Brodie: I fucking said "dethgasm"!

  • Zakk: Pretty sure he wasn't possessed.

    Brodie: What? Oh no. Of course he was. Because when he came in he said something about Satan. You didn't hear him say that?

  • Brodie: Sick, man!

    Zakk: What? They were like that when I found them.

  • Zakk: Medina is never gonna put out for you, man. You're never gonna get to second base with that girl.

    Brodie: What?

    Zakk: You know - anal.

    Brodie: Okay, I don't want to know what you think fourth base is.

  • Brodie: It's music.

    Zakk: Can you read it?

    Brodie: Yeah, I think so. It's pretty universal. It's really old. Holy fuck. Look at the title.

    Zakk: What the fuck does it say?

    Brodie: Don't know. I think it's Latin.

    Zakk: What, like Dora the fuckin' Explorer?

    Brodie: No. Like, like, Romans and shit.

  • Zakk: All right, look, I'm gonna help you do this, but only because you suck at it. Also, it's kind of fun stabbing shit.

  • Brodie: Motherfucker!

    Medina: Brodie, just leave it.

    Brodie: Fucking wanker! You knew I liked her.

    Zakk: Calm the fuck down, all right? I'm not even into her. I was just bored.

    Brodie: Oh well, that's supposed to make it fucking better? What happened to Brotherhood of Steel?

  • Zakk: Brutal.

    Brodie: Should we check his pulse?

    Zakk: He has a fucking engine for a head. I don't think he's gonna be walking this one off, man.

    Brodie: Shit.

    Zakk: Y'know - it's weird, but I think he would have wanted to go out like this.

    Brodie: His eyes ripped out, face grinded off and then head mounted under a car engine?

    Zakk: Totally. For whom the bell tolls, old man.

  • Zakk: Whoa. Is that Satan?

    Abigail: That is Aeloth. King of the Demons.

    Zakk: Aeloth? Sounds like a badass.

    Brodie: These words were in music pages.

    Abigail: The Black Hymn. You have it.

    Zakk: Have it? We fuckin' played it.

    Abigail: Well, then, you have fucked us all.

  • Brodie: I thought you were off to the lookout to watch the town burn.

    Zakk: Realized I couldn't leave my mate in the shit. Not with all these demons to mega-kill. Metalheads stick together, right?

    Medina: Whoa, wait. You decided that you wanted to help us, and then you went and applied makeup? Well, how long did that take? What ten - fifteen minutes?

    Zakk: It's not makeup. It's fucking corpse paint. For going into battle.

    Medina: Okay. Well, you look adorable. It really brings out your eyes.

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