Yvette Malone Quotes in Winter Kills (1979)


Yvette Malone Quotes:

  • Nick Kegan: Why won't you marry me?

    Yvette Malone: You hardly know me.

    Nick Kegan: We see each other, I talk to you all the time.

    Yvette Malone: You talk to my machine.

    Nick Kegan: Ah so what, I can tell the difference!

    Yvette Malone: That's a beginning.

    Nick Kegan: I'm making an honest proposal of marriage!

    Yvette Malone: Tell you what. I'll give you a copy of my answering machine tape and you can take it with you.

    Nick Kegan: Come on, don't toy with me.

    Yvette Malone: I'm serious!

    Nick Kegan: We'll have this huge wedding at Saint Patrick's cathedral!

    Yvette Malone: Saint Patricks? What if i'm jewish?

    Nick Kegan: That doesn't matter, Pa knows the cardinal.

    Yvette Malone: You see darling? You know nothing about me.

    Nick Kegan: I know all i need to know!

    Yvette Malone: You know what? That you're in love with my answering machine?

  • Nick Kegan: I think I'm going to leave.

    Yvette Malone: If you want to. I have a friend coming over if you'd like to meet her.

    Nick Kegan: Friend? Who?

    Yvette Malone: Patty! She's from the magazine. You'd dig her.

    Nick Kegan: Dig her? What does that mean?

    Yvette Malone: Whatever you want it to mean. God, you're just like the others!

    Nick Kegan: Others. How many are there?

    Yvette Malone: Fewer and fewer.

    Nick Kegan: Oh, i get it. You're into women.

    Yvette Malone: I am a woman.

    Nick Kegan: You know what I'm talking about.

    Yvette Malone: Nope, and I won't marry a person I can't understand.

    Nick Kegan: Goodnight.

    Yvette Malone: Call the machine whenever you want, darling. It only goes one way.

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