Young Tod Quotes in The Fox and the Hound (1981)


Young Tod Quotes:

  • Young Tod: Copper, you're my best friend.

    Young Copper: And you're mine too, Tod.

    Young Tod: And we'll always be friends forever. Won't we?

    Young Copper: Yeah, forever.

  • Big Mama: Tod, that Copper is going to come back a hunting dog, a real killer.

    Young Tod: Oh no, not my friend Copper. He won't ever change.

    Big Mama: I hope you're right.

    Young Tod: And we'll keep on being friends forever. Right, Big Mama?

    Big Mama: Darling, forever is a long, long time, and time has a way of changing things.

  • Young Tod: What are you smelling?

    Young Copper: I'm on the trail of something.

    Young Tod: Trail of... what?

    Young Copper: I don't know yet.

    [sniffs Tod]

    Young Copper: Why it's... it's you.


    Young Tod: What'd you do that for?

    Young Copper: We're supposed to do that when we find what we've been tracking.

    Young Tod: I'm a fox. My name's Tod. What's your name kid?

    Young Copper: Mine's Copper. I'm a hound dog.

  • Young Tod: [about Chief] His ears are almost as big as yours.

    Young Copper: That's not the part you gotta worry about.

    Young Tod: Gosh, look at those teeth.

    Young Copper: That's the part you gotta worry about!

  • Young Tod: Oh, Big Mama, I know Copper would never track on me down. Why, Copper, he's my very best friend.

    Big Mama: Ho-ho, your best friend! Now Copper's gonna do what he's been told. Supposed to chase the little fox in the old fox hole. And along comes the hunter with a buckshot load.

    Boomer: [pretending to shoot a gun] K-K-Kabaam!

    [Dinky pretends to get shot and falls off the tree]

    Big Mama: Elimination.

    Dinky: [lying on the ground] Lack of education.

    Big Mama: You better believe it, Tod, yes siree.

    Young Tod: You mean Copper is gonna be my enemy?

  • Young Tod: I bet you'd be good at playing Hide and Seek! Wanna try it, Copper?

    Young Copper: Can I use my nose?

    Young Tod: Sure. Okay, now go ahead and close your eyes and count.

    [Copper turns around and covers his eyes]

    Young Copper: One, two, three...

    [Copper looks over his shoulder]

    Young Tod: No, Copper! You can't peek!

    Young Copper: Oh.

    Young Tod: Now, try again.

  • Young Tod: A worm for breakfast? Yuck!

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