Young Thumper Quotes in Bambi (1942)


Young Thumper Quotes:

  • [Bambi and the rabbits come across a small flock of birds twittering in a tree. Bambi looks at them intriguingly]

    Young Thumper: Those are birds.

    Young Bambi: Bur... Bur!

    Young Thumper: Look! He's trying to talk.

    Young Bambi: Bur!

    Girl Bunny: He's trying to say "bird".

    Young Thumper: Say "bird".

    [wiggles his nose]

    Young Bambi: Bur...

    [wiggles his nose]

    Young Thumper: Bird.

    Young Bambi: Bur!

    Young Thumper: Uh-uh... bir-duh!

    Other rabbits: [indistinctly] Come on, say "bird". Say "bird"!

    Young Bambi: [inhales deeply, then throws everyone back by his yelling, including the birds] Bir-d!

  • Young Bambi: Bird, bird, bird, bird, bird, bir...!

    [he sees a yellow butterfly, which he begins to chase until it lands on his tail]

    Young Bambi: Bird!

    Young Thumper: No, that's not a bird. That's a butterfly.

    Young Bambi: Butterfly? Butter...

    [Bambi sees the butterfly has now gone; he then runs over to a big yellow flower among some other wildflowers]

    Young Bambi: Butterfly!

    Young Thumper: [giggling] No, that's a flower.

    Young Bambi: Flower?

    Young Thumper: Uh-huh, it's purty.

    [Thumper smells the flowers]

    Young Bambi: Purty.

    [Bambi starts smelling the flowers, and comes nose-to-nose with a little skunk]

    Young Bambi: Flower!

    Young Flower: Me?

    Young Thumper: [laughing hysterically] No, no, no, no! That's not a flower! He's a little...

    Young Flower: Oh, that's all right. He can call me a flower if he wants to.

    [looks up briefly, then chuckles]

    Young Flower: I don't mind.

    Young Bambi: Purty. Purty *flower*!

    Young Flower: Oh...

    [he laughs]

    Young Flower: Gosh.

  • Young Thumper: Whatcha doin'? Hibernatin'?

    Young Flower: [yawns] Uh-huh.

    Young Bambi: Whatcha wanna do that for?

    Young Flower: [chuckles] All us Flowers sleep in the winter. Well, good night.

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