Young Teddy Quotes in The Three Stooges (2012)


Young Teddy Quotes:

  • Young Moe: [Moe musically chants barbershop-quartet style] Hello,

    Young MoeYoung Larry: [Larry joins Moe in chanting] Hello,

    Young MoeYoung LarryYoung Curly: [Curly joins Larry and Moe as they chant together] Hello.

    Young MoeYoung LarryYoung Curly: [spoken] Hello!

    Mrs. Harter: [Mrs. Harter giggles; the young Stooges accidentally bump their heads together] How precious!

    Sister Rosemary: Yes, I certainly don't envy you having to choose between such amazing children.

    Young Larry: The choice is easy! I'm your guy!

    [Larry starts tap dancing]

    Mrs. Harter: That is so cute!

    Mr. Harter: Absolutely adorable.

    Mr. Harter: [to Mother Superior] How long's he got?

    Mother Superior: Hmm?

    Mr. Harter: He's taking chemo, right?

    Mother Superior: No no no, he's healthy as a mule.

    Sister Rosemary: And almost as smart.

    Young Moe: Recede, Bojangles.

    [Moe pulls Larry back by his hair]

    Young Moe: Pick me, I make the best potato peel and eggshell smoothies in town.

    [Mr. Harter chuckles nervously]

    Young Curly: If you choose me, I'll let you play with my pet rat, Nippy! I even taught him a few tricks!

    Mother Superior: Oh, boys and their rodents.

    [Mother Superior chuckles]

    Young Teddy: [Teddy enters the room] Mother Superior, may I have a glass of milk, please?

    Mrs. Harter: Oh, who's this?

    Young Teddy: Hi, my name's Teddy, and someday, I'm gonna have a puppy.

    Mrs. Harter: Oh my God, he's wonderful.

    Mr. Harter: I thought you said there were only the three.

    Sister Rosemary: I never said that, I said "about three".

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