Young Cop Quotes in The Avengers (2012)


Young Cop Quotes:

  • Young Cop: It's gonna be an hour before they can scramble the national guard!

    Police Sergeant: National Guard? Does the army know what's happening here?

    Young Cop: Do we?

  • Sgt. Marcus: Where did that son-of-a-buck go?

    Young Cop: The Batcave?

  • [first lines]

    Young Cop: How's that going?

    Court Clerk Mark: Mother's ballin' and the uncle is pissed off.

    Young Cop: She's not married?

    Court Clerk Mark: Divorced, with 4 kids. I guess the Father was helping out.

    Young Cop: Helping out?

    Court Clerk Mark: ...Hey, Mr. Burke, they're in the back talking to the Bishop.

    Paul Burke: [entering] And Father?

    Court Clerk Mark: We put him in the break room.

    Paul Burke: Any press?

    Court Clerk Mark: Some guy from the Citizen, but we sent him away. None of the big papers.

    Paul Burke: Let's keep it that way...

    [continues down the hall]

    Young Cop: Who's that?

    Court Clerk Mark: Assistant D.A.

    Young Cop: It's gonna be hard to keep the papers from arraignment.

    Court Clerk Mark: What arraignment?

  • Old Cop: My wife tells me I need to lose weight and she gives me spinach. Can you believe it? Spinach!

    Young Cop: Your too fat anyway.

    Old Cop: [flexes his arm] See that? Muscle, boy. Muscle.

    Young Cop: She thinks you're Popeye.

    Old Cop: Fuck Popeye.

    [sees the young cop eating a donut; he looks jealous]

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