Yetch Quotes in Mad Monster Party? (1967)


Yetch Quotes:

  • Yetch: [Invisible Man is hit with a pie, revealing his face] No wonder you're invisible. You're ugly and revolting and disgusting.

  • Yetch: Francesca it's me your Don Juan!

    Francesca: [pounding him over the head] I don't Juan to look at you!

    Yetch: [lovestruck] I love your eyes, I love your chin, I love the shape they put you in, and when I get to feel your touch I ache for you so very much!

  • Chef Mafia Machiavelli: For the main course: I make boar's head, roast vulture and mince hyena casserole. Here, try the hyena casserole. It's terrific, no?

    Yetch: No. There's something missing.

    Chef Mafia Machiavelli: WHAT? Something missing? The casserole of me, Mafia Machiavelli, the greatest chef ever? SOMETHING MISSING?

    Yetch: Chef, please, simmer down.

    Chef Mafia Machiavelli: I bust your head, I broke you nose, I squeeze out you eyes. GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN.

    Yetch: I think I better tell Dr. Frankenstein that dinner is ready.

  • Chef Mafia Machiavelli: Here we have the antipasto - black widows pickled in their own poison, smoked lizards and snakes, and marinated mice.

    Yetch: It looks so good. Yum, yum. How do you do it?

    Chef Mafia Machiavelli: Oh, it's nothing.


    Chef Mafia Machiavelli: Just a pinch of this, a pinch of that. A pinch of this, a pinch of that.

    [pinches Yetch]

    Yetch: Ow! Stop already with the pinching.

  • Yetch: It's me, your Don Juan.

    Francesca: I Don Juan to look at you.

  • Yetch: Into the air, zombie bird man.

  • Yetch: Point of order. Point of information. Point of importance.

    Dracula: Speak up and stop pointing.

  • Chef Mafia Machiavelli: It's my own chef's salad. The Mafia Machiavelli Special. I make it with poison ivy, toadstools and poison berries. It's good, no? I got three kinds'o dressings that go with it: arsenic, cyanide and this one, you'll get a big bang out of, Yetch.

    Yetch: What is it?

    Chef Mafia Machiavelli: Nitro Glycerine. I make a joke, you know?

  • Yetch: Don't stand around like a bunch of union grave diggers. Get into your planes.

  • Chef Mafia Machiavelli: Yetch, what are you a-doing in my kitchen, huh? You no-good snake in the grass, you dirty swine, you ugly rat.

    Yetch: Oh, thank you for those kind words. I hope I can live up to them.

    Chef Mafia Machiavelli: This-a Yetch. He's-a little bit of a nut.

  • Yetch: [after been lift up by a tentacle in the soup] This soup is strong!

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