Yates Quotes in The Last Castle (2001)


Yates Quotes:

  • Yates: I thought there was one thing that you should know, when they take the castle the are going to hang the flag upside down.

    Winter: [while in his office] Upside down?

    Yates: It's the international sign of distress.

    Winter: Yes I know what it means. Where exactly do the plan to get a flag?

    Yates: They already have one... Yours.

    Winter: My Flag?...

    [goes to his flag box, sees that the flag is gone]

    Winter: Peretz who was in here yesterday?

    Yates: I took it you murdering fuck!

    Winter: I thought you were smarter than that.

    Yates: Ya I know you did.

  • Yates: My father was with you in Hanoi.

    Irwin: [while in his cell] What's your name?

    Yates: Yates.

    Irwin: Yates? Sam Yates?

    Yates: That's right.

    Irwin: Good man.

    Yates: Nah, he wasn't.

    Irwin: After 30 years everyone's a good man. It's the law.

  • Winter: [while in his office] Tell me, Mr. Yates, how does a man like you get into West Point?

    Yates: My father was a winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor, sir.

    Winter: [with disdain] Oh, right. Sometimes the apple does fall far from the tree.

  • Irwin: [while in his cell] Well, I thought your father was a good man. How's he doing?

    Yates: He's dead.

    Irwin: Oh. Sorry to hear that. What happened?

    Yates: [pauses] He came home.

  • Yates: I've never crashed one before.

  • Yates: Be it ever so rat-infested, there's no place like home.

  • Yates: Did he tell you we're from some place far away?

  • Yates: I feel highly honored, but, I'm afraid I'm not much of a speechmaker. Nevertheless, Mr. Hammer, it was very nice of you to call on me.

    Hammer: You must call on me some time! Yes, come up and see my flower beds. I'd like you to see my pansies. I have short pansies and long pansies. Next Spring I'm going to get some early bloomers.

  • Yates: I wouldn't dream of taking up any more of your time. I merely wanted to thank you all and, as I said before, I hadn't intended to make a speech at all.

    Hammer: Well, you certainly succeeded.

  • Wilbur: So where do you see yourselves?

    Health: Splitting up. I'd like to go with a family of realists.

    Wilbur: Open-minded realists or close-minded?

    Health: Open-minded.

    Yates: And what about you, Emily?

    Emily: I'll find my own way, which is the Lord's way. So, I guess the closeminded realists.

    Yates: There are actually a lot of other options...

    Emily: Close-minded realists.

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