Xayide Quotes in The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter (1990)


Xayide Quotes:

  • Bastian Bux: I wish for the most horrifying flying dragon in the history of Fantasia!

    [as he's speaking, the dragon slowly appears behind him]

    Bastian Bux: I wish him to be red. No, no, green! I wish he can fly as fast as the concord and stink so bad that he makes us sick. And he breathes fire. I'll call him Smurg.

    Nimbly: Maybe you should wish for some modifications.

    Bastian Bux: [turns around and sees the dragon] Oh, no!

    Xayide: [watching from her castle] Oh, yes!

  • Xayide: [watching the Ivory Tower, thinks] You're fighting a losing battle, Childlike Empress. Soon, your slick little castle will be as dark as mine.

  • Xayide: [Bastian goes to talk to Atreyu outside the balloon] Don't be long, Bastian! You will catch a cold!

  • Nimbly: [after Bastian leaves to get to Falkor] Who told the boy?

    Tri Face: It's all Nimbly's fault! He's always hanging around the machine!

    Nimbly: [sarcastically] Oh, thanks for nothing! It's always nice to have someone you can count on!

    Xayide: I do the counting around here.

    [Nimbly squawks at Tri Face in anger]

    Tri Face: No, it's your fault!

    Xayide: One...

    [Bastian gets ready to jump the cliff with Artax]

    Xayide: ...two...

    [she rises her hand and unleashes energy]

    Xayide: ...THREE!

    [she sends her energy at Bastian making him fall in the raging river]

  • Xayide: It's time.

    Nimbly: [quietly, to himself as he looks at the machine] Time to choose sides...

  • [Xayide looks into Bastian's memory, she sees a window get broken]

    Bastian Bux: The window got broke! I didn't do it!

    Bastian's Father: Do lie to me!

    [she then sees Bastian's father leave]

    Bastian Bux: You promised to take me swimming! You promised!

    Bastian's Father: Something's come up.

    Bastian Bux: I HATE YOU!

    Xayide: [thinking] So that's what humans remember.

    Nimbly: [quietly, to himself] That's a memory Bastian has lost.

  • [after Bastian accidentally killed Atreyu, Bastian goes back to the Xobile and sees the machine and all the memories he had lost, Bastian had realized Atreyu was telling him the truth]

    Nimbly: [remorsefully] You've only two wishes to go.

    Xayide: [as Bastian storms out] But, my lord...

    Bastian Bux: [sees Falkor soaring in the dark skies carrying Atreyu's lifeless body] Atreyu, I didn't mean it! Falkor! ATREYU, I'M SORRY!

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