Xavier Quotes in The Mighty Quinn (1989)


Xavier Quotes:

  • Xavier: You want a beer, Jump?

    Jump: Do the damned need salvation?

  • Mr. Bimm: That's my baby in her belly!

    Xavier: She marry who she want, the baby don't make no difference.

    Mr. Bimm: It does to me!

    Xavier: Then live with it!

    Mr. Bimm: Live with it?

    Xavier: Yes, man.

  • MacKeon: His brain's not working too good right now, but from what I can tell, Maubee bet him ten thousand dollars he couldn't do what he did.

    Xavier: Which was what?

    MacKeon: Drink whatever it is he's throwing up there.

  • Nick: Chief, am I gonna die?

    Xavier: Yes, man... but we're gonna try to put it off for a little while, we're gonna take you to the hospital.

  • Xavier: You think Maubee did it? Cut a man's head off?

    Jump: That fucker, he does that! That's why he's like that!

    Xavier: Try and make sense when you talk, Jump.

  • Maubee: Why you think we doing this?

    Xavier: Because you are a fucking lunatic who got his ass in a mess and don't know how to get out of it!

    Maubee: No, not because I don't know how to get out, but because you and your men couldn't catch me, Xavier!

    Xavier: Shit, I never even tried!

    Maubee: Yesterday you tried to run me off the road, remember?

    Xavier: I coulda shot your ass!

    Maubee: You can shoot my ass right now!

    Xavier: I might!

  • Maubee: Ubu Pearl.

    Xavier: Who, the witch?

    Maubee: Yeah, man, Isola's aunt. She only let me visit on Monday night.

    Xavier: What if you don't?

    Maubee: I get the hex. My dick fall off and I wake up dead.

    Xavier: Shit, you'd better stick to your schedule then.

    Maubee: Yeah, man.

  • Cocodink: I want to make a complaint about Lt. Jump Jones! He's not giving me no phone and I want it now! And I'm not being allowed to make no calls!

    Jump: Who would you call?

    Cocodink: Never mind my personal business! That lizard fish with the cowboy hat gets to make one call, and out he goes!

    Xavier: You want to get out, Coco?

    Cocodink: You're a tricky man. Never mind the phone!

    Xavier: Aren't you ever going to stop?

    Cocodink: Never! Because that's the way I am! I am the blight and scourge of the jails! I am the vengeance of the poor-ass prisoner, man!

    Xavier: You sure are.

  • Rasta: There was a guy at the Eagle Hotel looking for him.

    Xavier: What guy?

    Rasta: A white guy.

    Xavier: What kind of white guy?

    Rasta: Kind of a dark white guy.


  • Ubu Pearl: I put a curse on you!

    Xavier: Believe me, I already got a curse on me.

  • Maubee: Come on, I got us a ride here.

    Xavier: Yes, man. In a stolen car.

    Maubee: It's not stolen. It's the governor's - bought by the sweat and taxes of hard-working people! Besides, what he need it for? Him sleeping.

    Xavier: That's a very moving story.

  • Dr. Raj: You may cut a man's head off, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you kill him. Especially if he's already dead, which appears to be the case in this case. The victim died suddenly, but not instantaneously, due to a combination of searing, profound pain, and the emotional shock of seeing his arm turn deeply cyanotic. Uh, that means purple.

    Xavier: Yeah, go on?

    Dr. Raj: He died of a snakebite.

  • Xavier: [sees a large chest] What's in here?

    Ubu Pearl: Why don't you open it and find out?

    [Xavier does, lifting a fetish - beneath which is a venomous snake! It hisses and lunges at him. He jumps back, and Ubu Pearl starts laughing]

    Xavier: You're gonna get in trouble fucking with me, Guma.

    [She only laughs louder]

  • Fred Miller: Who the hell was that?

    Xavier: Ubu Pearl, the local witch.

    Fred Miller: I'm gettin' to like this place more and more.

  • Ubu Pearl: You try to come in here, I fight you!

    Xavier: You fight me, I arrest you.

    Ubu Pearl: You can't arrest me. I don't do nothing.

    Xavier: [leans down and lowers his voice] You think I'm joking, Guma?

    [She moves aside]

  • Amy: I'm so mad at you, I could rip your testicles off and staple them to your ankles. What the fuck did you have to go and tell Jordan for?

    Xavier: Tell him what?

    Amy: What do you think, doorknob? That we got together!

    Xavier: Well, didn't you utterly dig it?

    Amy: That is not the point!

    Xavier: Well, what is the point then, get it? Guilt is for married, old people!

    Amy: You're incredible. You're not even human, are you? You're like a life-support system for a cock!

  • Xavier: You always have to be a pessimist, don't you? Little Miss Doom and Gloom. Well fuck you.

  • Xavier: Girls have no sense of adventure.

  • Xavier: What, mommy and daddy won't be all worried about their baby girl?

    Amy: My mom used to be a heroin addict, and now she's a Scientologist.

  • Xavier: It's tough to be a man baby!

  • Xavier: [to Albert on getting his license] Hey, baby! Congratulations! Welcome to the wonderful world of minimum wages!

  • Xavier: I'm French, Spanish, English, Danish. I'm not one, but many. I'm like Europe, I'm all that. I'm a real mess.

  • Xavier: When you first arrive in a new city, nothing makes sense. Everythings unknown, virgin... After you've lived here, walked these streets, you'll know them inside out. You'll know these people. Once you've lived here, crossed this street 10, 20, 1000 times... it'll belong to you because you've lived there. That was about to happen to me, but I didn't know it yet.

  • Xavier: He was just like the jerks I always try to avoid. Why was he so desperate to talk to me?

  • Xavier: Urquinaona, which sounded Sioux, was added to the list of once bizarre-sounding names tucked into my brain. Urquinaona slipped in next to Honolulu, Punxsutawney, Piccadilly, Massachusetts, Saskatoon and Machu Picchu. It became normal and familiar.

  • Xavier: Later, much later, back in Paris, each harrowing ordeal will become an adventure. For some idiotic reason, your most horrific experiences are the stories you most love to tell.

  • Xavier: It was like I'd always lived in this mess. Their bickering was like the constant drone in my head since childhood.

  • Juan: Been in Barcelona long?

    Xavier: Two month.

    Juan: [correcting Xavier] Two months.

    Xavier: Yeah, fuck. Two months.

    Juan: Exactly. You spend too much time in school. Come here more often. This is where you'll learn about Barcelona!

    [... ]

    Juan: Come back. I'll teach you 'puta madre' Spanish in two months.

    Xavier: Puta madre?

    Xavier: [voice over] I was fluent in 'puta madre' Spanish in no time. I immediately became a regular.

  • Isabelle: It's a shame you're not a girl.

    Xavier: The world's badly made.

  • [Xavier is trying to convince Wendy to come with the gang to a night club]

    Wendy: Xavier, I can't. I've... I've really got to write, okay?

    Xavier: But, Wendy, you will write tomorrow. Come on!

    Wendy: No. This is my diary. You know, I need to be disciplined.

    Xavier: Wendy, you're too serious, you know!

    Wendy: What do you mean, I'm too serious?

    Xavier: You are not a nun! Come on! Come with us tonight, please!

    Wendy: Listen! I'm not a nun! I just don't want to go out with... e-e-everyone! I don't like clubs and... and I don't like dancing. Maybe I'm not your idea of a typical trendy London girl, but techno music bulls me, all right? And if I'm a nun because I don't get out of this house enough for you guys, then that's too bad!

  • Fred Packenstacker: Normally I'd be reluctant to comment on anyone's religion but...

    Xavier: What?

    Fred Packenstacker: I'm sorry, I guess I'm a bit a of bigot, but I could never take seriously a religion that worships on Tuesdays. All the major religions require worship on the weekend - Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I find it just really laudatory that people should sacrifice their weekend to worship god.

    Xavier: Having the sabbath Tuesday always seemed very bizarre to me.

  • Xavier: The standard cliché form of sexual intercourse... is for the man to approach a woman from the front. Cathar lovemaking, I think you'll find very fulfilling. I'll be very careful. We'll go slowly. It'll be a new experience, but one which I think you'll find brings an inexpressible closeness.

  • Xavier: If I think about all the girls I've known or slept with or just desired, they're like a bunch of Russian dolls. We spend our lives playing the game dying to know who'll be the last, the teeny-tiny one hidden inside all the others. You can't just get to her right away. You have to follow the progression. You have to open them one by one wondering, "Is she the last one?"

  • Xavier: Those 12 seconds... In movies, most love stories end there. It's better not to show what comes next. But that's the interesting part.

  • Xavier: She must have really been in love to get to this. How can so many sincere moments, one after the other, lead to such misery... who'd want that?

  • William: [upon arrival in Paris to visit Xavier]

    [in French]

    William: Hello Paris! I'm a Parisian! Gimme some escargot and red wine!

    Xavier: Hey, my scooter is over there.

    William: Oh, ok, you got my scooter.

    [sees some girls walking by and speaks to them in French]

    William: Do you speak French?

    [one girl says yes in French]

    William: Wanna sleep with me? Always wanted to say that to a French girl!

  • William: Yeah. So, come on, Xavier, what about you?

    Xavier: It's uh... well, uh, it's complicated. I-I have to rewrite a script in English, so I'll probably have to work with some English writers I don't know.

    William: You know, I know the best writer in London.

    Xavier: Really?

    William: Yeah. She's very very good. And she's fit.

    Xavier: What - what is "fit"?

    William: It's very very sexy.

    Xavier: What's her name?

    William: Her name's um... Wendy.

    Xavier: Wendy? Your sister Wendy?

    William: Yeah, yeah. She's also my sister, yeah.

  • Wendy: This is the best view of London. You see the London Eye there?

    Xavier: Oh... Where is Oxford Street.

    Wendy: Are you alright?

    Xavier: I don't know... I don't feel great. Are you going to this flamenco concert?

    Wendy: I don't know. Why not?

    Xavier: Oh.

    Wendy: What's wrong?... Look I can see something's wrong. What's wrong?

    Xavier: [grabs Wendy and kisses her] That's what's wrong.

  • Xavier: Not to be too insistent... this really isn't for my girlfriend.

    Kassia: It's no biggie. Who cares?

    Xavier: I don't have a girlfriend. It's for my ex. It's her birthday. I'll give you my number.

    Kassia: For...?

    Xavier: I don't know. If the dress doesn't fit you can call me. No. I don't know. I've always dreamed of doing that but I never dared. With you, I thought I should dare. Take it, 'cause I feel like a jerk. I'll jot it down. But you have to call tonight or you never will. There.

    Kassia: I don't know.

    Xavier: Yes, yes! You've got nothing to lose. If I were you I'd call me.

  • Martine: Morning! Thank you. I'm happy I stayed with you.

    Xavier: Yeah, but you can't stay. I'm expecting a girl... friend.

    Martine: It's no big deal. Just tell her the truth. We're old friends and we didn't fuck.

    Xavier: Yeah, sure.

    Martine: She's your girlfriend?

    Xavier: Uh... yeah.

    Martine: You have a girlfriend?

    Xavier: No, not really.

    Martine: Is she your girlfriend or not?

    Xavier: I don't have a girlfriend, I have girlfriends.

    Martine: Do you have a girlfriend or not?

    Xavier: I don't have one. I have lots. Is that clear?

    Martine: Oh! I forgot how you were. Flip out on your own time. I'm outta here.

    Xavier: Well, yeah. She's on her way. It'll be a mess. I have a life. Last night you didn't give me a chance to explain that I had to juggle things this morning.

    [... ]

    Xavier: Bye. I'm sorry. I was afraid you'd run into her.

    Martine: I understand.

    Xavier: [opens the door so Martine can leave and Kassia is on the other side] Fuck!

    Kassia: Who is she?

    Xavier: No one.

    Martine: I'm no one. I'm no one? You have your life, I have mine. No problem! But you'll always be someone to me. Always! In anyone's presence.


  • Wendy: [watching Natacha dance] Now which one...?

    William: That one there. Look.

    Wendy: The one on the end?

    William: No. Look. Right... Second from the left.

    Xavier: The blonde one?

    Wendy: But they're all blonde!

    William: That one! See, look. Second from the left. That one.

    Xavier: Right. Yeah. Ok. I see her.

    Wendy: They all look the same.

    William: No, they don't. She's a great dancer.

    Xavier: Who?

  • Xavier: ...it was like we had to go through that. Like going through all that wacky shit reassured us somehow- it proved we were in love.

  • Xavier: No, it's difficult. It's not the same in the story and in real life.

    Wendy: So then tell me more about real life. I wanna know what really happened to you. What actually made you fall in love with one specific girl-why her in particular?

    Xavier: Okay. So. Do you remember Neus?

    Wendy: Yes.

    Xavier: So, she came to Paris to study one year after we left Barcelona. My idea had been to take a little stroll to show her Paris. As time went on, I sensed we didn't want to separate. We didn't want just a little stroll. We wanted a much longer stroll. At one moment, I don't know why. I don't know how, this happened.

    [They hesitantly hold hands]

    Xavier: I felt her hand say, "Really? Are you sure?" And my hands said, "I'm sure. I want to, and I sense you do, too."

  • Xavier: Mr. Everyman is seldom met in... everyday life.

  • Xavier: If I were you I would call me.

  • William: The very first time I saw her I knew at that point, cross my heart hope to die... my life'd never be the same again.

    Xavier: [Xavier thinks] Ok that's it a love story is first of all a story.

    William: Yeah, well, she just appeared in my life, just like an angel. Probably sounds a bit stupid.

    Xavier: No, no, not at all. Go ahead.

    William: Well, we saw each other everyday before and after each performance. And I would watch the show every single night, and the only person I could see was her... That Russian company played there for 2 weeks, and eventually of course, you know, they had to move on. And I realized I didn't even know her name. I didn't have an address, a number, nothing!

    Xavier: So, so you saw her again? You went to St. Petersburg?

    William: Yeah... but it took me a year to get there.

    Xavier: Why?

    William: Well, because I had to learn Russian for a year first!

    Xavier: You?

  • Kassia: What's your girlfriend like?

    Xavier: It's not for my girlfriend? I don't have a girlfriend.

    Kassia: What's this girl who's not your girlfriend like?

    Xavier: She's a little shorter than you. She has smaller... I mean... I think she's a size one or two.

    Kassia: It depends. Is she thinner than I am? Is she like that girl?

    Kassia: No.

    [looks around]

    Xavier: She's more like her. But not as ugly.

    Kassia: Take the two. Your girlfriend can always exchange it. The register's over there.

  • Kassia: Who is she?

    Xavier: No - my ex, Martine.

    Kassia: Not so "ex."

    Xavier: She's my ex. It's over. Come in.

    Kassia: One in, one out... That doesn't bother you at all.

    Xavier: You don't understand.

    Kassia: You just line 'em up and don't give a fuck.

    Xavier: Exactly. If you don't like it, take a hike.

    Kassia: What?

    Xavier: Yeah! You're all fucking, stupid bitches! You got that? Now get lost!

    Kassia: Asshole.

    Xavier: YEAH, I'M AN ASSHOLE.

  • Xavier: What's all this shit about love? How do we get so nuts? The time we waste! When you're alone, you cry, "Will I find her?" When you're not- "Does she love me as much as I love her?" "Can we love more than one person in a lifetime?" Why do we split up? All these fucking questions! You can't say we're uninformed. We read love stories, fairy tales, novels. We watch movies. Love, love, love...!

    Isabelle: You could just call her back

  • Xavier: So who should say I love you?

    Wendy: You should say I love you

    Xavier: No, you sould say I love you

  • Xavier: Why are you even going to the march?

    Wendell: Niggas and cars, cars and niggas. Niggas need cars like cars need niggas. I gotta make me some money. You think I'm gonna miss out on all that networking, shit nigga you must be crazy. I got a joke for ya, nigga: What do you get when you cross a million lesbians and the million man march?

    Jay: Ok, what do you get when you cross one million lesbians and the million man march?

    Wendell: Two million mother-fuckers who don't do dick.


    Wendell: You niggas somethin' else.

    [Pointing at everybody]

    Wendell: Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, all you niggas!

    Mike: Hey Wendell, I got a joke for you: What do they call a black man with a Lexus dealership?

    Wendell: What?

    Mike: Nigga.

    [Wendell is thrown off the bus with his coat following]

    Jay: Nigga need Coat like Coat need Nigga!

  • Randall: [after Kyle changes seat] I DO MIND THAT YOU'RE NOT MAN ENOUGH TO ADMIT YOU DON'T LOVE ME!

    Junior, aka 'Smooth': [bus Passengers react] Great, we goin' to the million man march with a bunch of homos.

    Jeremiah: The bible says homosexuality is an abomination, but still I ask myself what would I do if my son was gay or worse, what would I do if I was the one born that way.

    Flip: Tell me I didn't just here what I think I did

    Xavier: What?

    Flip: He just said "You're not man enough to admit you don't love me to him"

    Xavier: So?

    Flip: There's faggots on the bus!

    Xavier: So what, do gays not have a role in the black community?

    Flip: I'm not talking about the black community, I'm talking about the pair of faggots we have on the bus!

  • Xavier: [picking up Obi's note from Jigsaw] 'Obi'?

    Jonas: What the fuck is a 'Obi'?

    Obi: 'Ah-bi'. That's my name.

  • Xavier: The only door you know how to open is between your legs!

  • Xavier: [turns round to Addison] Look who's talking, the only door you know how to open is between ya' legs!

    Addison: [lunges towards Xavier in anger] Why don't you shut the hell up all right!

    Xavier: [shouting] Why don't you shut the hell up?

    Addison: [she lunges towards him and they begin fighting] I'm sick of your bullshit. You'd best bend over before I land one on the back of your cheek, asshole.

    [they begin to fight more, but Jonas steps in and grabs Addison]

    Addison: Get the fuck off me!

  • Xavier: Do not attempt to use this key on the door to this room. Fuck this!

  • Xavier: Do... not... run!

  • Amanda: If it's stuck, it's a trap.

    Xavier: Lady, this whole house is a trap.

  • Xavier: It's not a fortress. It's a fucking house!

  • Jonas: All I'm saying is let's just take our time and come up with a game plan!

    Xavier: Well you come up with a game plan. Alright? I'm getting out of here.

  • Laura: [to Obi] You're the last person I saw before I woke up here. You did this!

    Jonas: Are you sure it's him? You better be sure.

    Laura: I'm sure.

    Obi: You would have done the same. I did what I had to do.

    Xavier: I'll give you a choice.

    [pulls a knife on Obi]

    Xavier: You got 5 seconds to get us out of here!

    Obi: I don't know the way out.

    Laura: [smashes a glass bottle] Bullshit! You got us in here. You can get us out of here!

    Obi: No I can't.

    Xavier: Then you're a dead man.

    Obi: So are you.

  • Addison: [Trying to open a door] It's stuck on something.

    Xavier: Here, move, let me try. Move! Move! Come on!

    [pushes Addison out of the way]

    Addison: Would you take it easy? Jesus!

    Xavier: Just back up! Alright?

  • Gus: Fuck! How do you just wake up in a room and have no idea where you are?

    Xavier: I guess you've never been drunk before.

    Gus: I've been drunk. I spent 3 years in college.

  • Xavier: Hey kid! Amanda! Where are you?

  • Addison: Somebody open the fucking door!

    Xavier: I don't think anybody is listening. Man, what the fuck is this?

    Laura: Somebody's listening.

    [points to a camera mounted on the wall]

    Daniel: No. Those types of cameras don't have sound.

  • Amanda: [referring to Daniel] He's gone.

    Xavier: Doesn't matter. All I want is the number on the back of his neck and then yours.

    Amanda: You still don't know your own number. How are you going to get it if I don't tell you?

  • Xavier: The only door you know how to open is between your legs!

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